Marianela at Asilomar Beach

Marianela takes a relaxing bike tour of the peaceful Asilomar State Beach in the city of Pacific Grove, CA
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Marianela is ready to unwind riding the bike trails of Asilomar Beach on the Monterey Penninsula.

Asilomar is not only a fun cycling spot, but also a state park working to conserve its beach habitats and wildlife.

Birds fly over the park’s dunes, which have been restored to a pristine state.

The bike trail drops you off right at the edge of the beach.

Loop through the 26 acres of rare white quartz sand dunes along the path.

To preserve the park’s beauty, sections are closed off to the public for plant rehabilitation.

Marianela gets her hands dirty the best way possible -- playing in the sand.

Marianela observes the gorgeous mile-long stretch of beach.

The boardwalk leads visitors right to the quiet coast.

Visitors can take a romantic stroll, play football with the family, or surf on the perfect rolling waves.

Asilomar Beach has made environment preservation a top priority since it was established in 1951.

A “little refuge by the sea,” Asilomar Beach lives up to its name.

The sand and beach sagewort have created unique soil conditions, allowing these trees to thrive near the coastline.

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