Marianela at Venice Beach

Marianela soaks up the sun, color and culture of the eclectic Venice Beach, CA.
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Marianela delights in the tunes from this performer. Venice Beach is known for being an inspiration to many artists and musicians, including Jim Morrison.

Even though Venice Beach is in Los Angeles, it’s a whole other world apart from Hollywood.

From break dancers to musicians to mimes, hundreds of performers entertain on the boardwalk each day.

Marianela meets a skateboarding master. “The rush keeps me alive,” he says.

Venice nurtured the rise of modern skateboarding in the 1970s, and with a 16,000-ft. park, it’s skater heaven.

The diverse art and culture is what makes this urban playground so special.

The graffiti that decorates the public walls adds to Venice’s colorful atmosphere.

It’s impossible to be bored with 2.5 miles of an oceanfront boardwalk full of shopping, dining, sports, art and more.

Marianela checks out Muscle Beach, the outdoor weight room in the sand.

Venice Beach is a popular destination for surfers who want to test out the Venice Breakwater.

Marianela channels her inner Kobe on the basketball courts.

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