Beach Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed

Take an already great day at the beach to a whole new level. From staying sand-free to capturing incredible underwater pictures, here are 10 products you need.

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Portable Safe

The most common dilemma about visiting the beach is what to do with your stuff when you want to take a stroll. Pack it all up? Take a risk of something being stolen? Try to hide it? With the SAFEGO, you can lock up all your valuables anytime you need to leave your beach area.

Beach Coasters

Sand between your toes is great, but clung all around your drink? Not cool. Turtlebacks beach coasters sink into the sand and act as a buffer, keeping your drinks sand-free. They also make great mini bowls for holding snacks.

Panoramic Snorkel Mask

Most snorkel masks are big and bulky, but the SeaView Panoramic Mask gives snorkelers 180-degree underwater views. It’s also GoPro compatible so you can stay hands-free while you’re shooting underwater video.

Quick-Dry Towel

Have lunch reservations and need to dry off quickly? The Waves Microfiber Towel has quick-dry technology to dry you off in no time. And it's great for European beaches with icy, cold water.

Beach Tent

Everyone needs a break from the sun and sometimes that’s hard to find at the beach, short of hiding under your towel. Coleman’s DayTripper Beach Shade tent has UV-guard technology plus a privacy door that zips up if you need to quickly change.

Pro Cooler

Lugging a heavy cooler down the ocean boardwalk is not a great way to start your relaxing beach day. The YETI Hopper is more like a purse that thinks it’s a cooler and, like Yeti’s other products, maintains a promise of “ice for days.”

Portable Wine

Most public beaches have a no-glass policy and if you’re more of a wine drinker, your options can be limited. Not that there’s anything wrong with boxed wine but if you want to bring your favorite bottle, just fill up the collapsible Wine2Go bag, and you’re all set.

Sand-Free Tote

The worst part about coming home after a day at the beach is all the unintended sand. Somehow it just gets everywhere. The CGear Sand-Free Tote bag has interlocking, "one-way sift" technology that makes sure sand stays out.

Beach Blanket

Laying on towels at the beach? That’s for amateurs. Invest in a good beach blanket, like Grand Trunk's Parasheet. You won't regret it. The Parasheet has sand pockets so it won’t fly away, it repels water so no more soggy towels after a dip in the ocean, and its fabric technology keeps everything sand-free.

Baby Powder

While this isn’t necessarily gear, this $2 bottle is essential for any day at the beach. Why? It magically dusts sand off your skin. And at the end of the day, wiping all that sand off your feet before getting in a car is a wonderful feeling.

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