World's Best Boardwalks

It's a summertime tradition: joining locals and tourists for a stroll along some of the world's prettiest waterfronts. You'll pass crashing waves and stunning coastline views, eat candy and other local grub, and then scream and giggle on amusement rides

Looking for more boardwalks? Take a look at these photos of the best boardwalks in the US.  
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Gold Coast Oceanway, Gold Coast, Australia

One of the longest walkways you'll encounter, the 22-mile oceanway offers spectacular views of Australia's epically stunning Gold Coast beaches. Crashing waves, white sands and lush flora line the mixed-use path as bikers, joggers and walkers pass by.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Hong Kong

One of the best ways to admire Hong Kong's dramatic skyline and waterfront is from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, which winds along Victoria Harbour. Snap selfies alongside locals and tourists as you meander past the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong's Space Museum and the Museum of Art.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA

If the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk doesn't already take the prize for America's best, it should. Overlooking Monterey Bay, the amusement park is home to family-friendly attractions including a Ferris wheel, 3 roller coasters, a log flume and a historic carousel.

Brighton Pier, Brighton Beach, England

Once chic, and then shabby, but now back to chic, Brighton Beach has re-emerged as a popular spot for Londoners, and no place is more alluring than the Brighton Pier. Families can laugh and scream on amusement rides while the 20-something set hits the bars for fish-and-chips and a beer.

Coney Island Boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY

It hardly counts as summer in New York City if you don't take a jaunt out to Coney Island's boardwalk. Grab a Nathan's hot dog (it's a must-eat) after riding the rattling, historic Cyclone roller coaster and enjoying the ocean views from the top of the Wonder Wheel Ferris wheel.

Copacabana Beach Promenade, Rio de Janeiro

Flanked by lush, green mountains, one of the world's most scenic promenades stretches for 2 miles along the sands of Rio's Copacabana Beach. The famously black- and white-tiled walkway is lined by casual beach bars, and as evening falls, it fills with street performers and locals out for a stroll.

Atlantic City Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ

Perhaps America's most famous boardwalk, the Atlantic City Boardwalk earned its place in pop culture thanks to the HBO hit Boardwalk Empire. Though its turn-of-the-century glory has faded, the nation's first boardwalk now stretches more than 4 miles along the coastline. Casinos, hotels, restaurants, amusement rides and shops line the way.

Venice Beach Boardwalk, Los Angeles

One of Southern California's top attractions, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is a perfect mix of quirky, funky and amusing. Stroll along a gorgeous stretch of beach while watching performers including mimes and jugglers, admiring street vendor wares such as art and jewelry, and popping into hippie-centric shops.

Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France

If you're lucky enough to find yourself cavorting around France's Cote d'Azur, stroll the fabulous Promenade des Anglais. Stretching for miles, La Prom, as it's known, fills with locals and tourists heading to the beach or people-watching from the many swanky cafes, bars and restaurants.

Aker Brygge Wharf, Oslo, Norway

Few Nordic sights are more charming than Oslo's waterfront, and visitors can soak in the seafaring vibe while strolling the Aker Brygge Wharf boardwalk. The former shipyard is now filled with trendy restaurants, shops, bars and luxury apartments.

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