9 Fall Family Staycations to Take This Weekend

Banish the back-to-school blues with a fun-filled family staycation at a local theme park, museum and beyond.
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Hiking in a Local Park

There’s no better way to see America than through the eyes of our national and state parks. Even the youngest family members can set off on a family-friendly hike at a local park.

Pumpkin Picking Perfection

You know fall is in full swing when Halloween season comes around. Head to a local pumpkin patch to pick out a winner, perfect for decorating and carving.

State Fairs and Amusement Parks

The season for state fairs continues well into fall. Grab the kids and head out to a fairground near you for family fun. You can also head to a nearby amusement park for one more spin on the Ferris wheel.

Museum Madness

Check out family programs at local museums for a day of culture and fun. Cool exhibits expose kids to culture, art, history and science outside of the classroom.

Sports, Sports and More Sports

As they say, "the family that plays together, stays together." Set up a day of family yard games or head to a local stadium to take in one of your hometown’s professional sports teams.

Apple Picking Adventure

Bring the family together with an apple-picking excursion at a local orchard. Fill up a bushel of crunchy, ripe apples perfect for apple pie or homemade applesauce.

Animal Adventure at the Zoo

Head to the nearest zoo for an amazing animal adventure. An African safari may be out of the budget (and out of your zip code), but you can get close to extra-large animals at a local zoo.

Camping Under the Stars

Enjoy a night in the great outdoors, camping under the stars in your own backyard or a local park. But if you can’t escape the light pollution of the city, head to a local planetarium or observatory to get a glimpse at the universe.

Wet and Wild Water Play

Don’t pack away that swimsuit just yet, there is still more splashing and fun to be had. Visit an indoor water park or hotel pool for some wet and wild adventures.

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