Here's Where You Can Get Free Coffee for National Coffee Day

Free coffee? Music to our ears. Here are all the deals you need to know about for where to get your favorite brew and properly observe this very important holiday Sept. 29.

Every year, coffee lovers from across the globe rejoice and celebrate the official annual holiday that falls on Sept. 29. So where exactly did this treasured holiday come from? Well, the U.S. uses a different calendar date from the rest of the world, but from our findings, the National Coffee Association (NCA) first started this holiday back in 2013 with a tweet on their official Twitter page. Since then, this holiday is a way to promote and commemorate the hot beverage that is universally loved by all.

In honor of National Coffee Day, we made a list of all the places offering free or discounted coffee. Note that for some businesses, only select locations may be participating, so call your local shop before you go.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Grab a friend and head over to Dunkin’ Donuts - soon-to-be-named simply "Dunkin'". With the purchase of a hot coffee, you’ll get another hot coffee for free. Buy one get one? Sounds good to us. Bring a friend—or go by yourself and snag that extra coffee all for yourself. We’re not judging.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is changing the game here, with two additions to their menu. Their coffee? It’s doughnut flavored now. Their doughnuts? They’re coffee flavored. Their doughnut glazed-flavored coffee will be on the menu for just a week, but their coffee-flavored doughnuts are now a permanent item on the menu. Plus, they’re giving out a free coffee for the holiday, and if you’re a member of their rewards program, you also get a free doughnut. So basically, go sign up now. Visit their website to register.


Are you fond of 7-Eleven's yummy breakfast sandwiches? Good, because they'll be offering a free coffee with the purchase of a breakfast sandwich that costs $2 and up. A sandwich and coffee for $2? Count us in.


Seriously though, who doesn’t love free coffee? Cinnabon gets that, so they'll be offering a free 12 oz. coffee all day for the holiday, no purchase necessary. All you have to do is show up.

Cumberland Farms

Do you have a phone? That’s all you need to get yourself a free coffee at Cumberland Farms. If you text “FREECOFFEE” to 64827, they will send you a mobile coupon straight to your smartphone, which gets you a free Farmhouse Blend or a Bold coffee in any size, hot or iced.


Wawa is treating their members right with a coupon for a free coffee for the day. But, they didn't forget about all you non-members out there. Through Oct. 14, they'll be offering all coffee sizes for just $1 in their Mid-Atlantic stores.

Barnes & Noble

Can you think of a better way to spend your Saturday morning than reading while sipping free coffee? Well, Barnes & Noble has you covered. They'll be offering a free cup of tall, freshly brewed iced or hot coffee all day.

Whole Foods

If you'd rather enjoy your own coffee at home, Whole Foods is looking out for you. Starting Sept. 28, they will be offering a three-day sale on all Allegro 12 oz. packaged coffee.


If you're wondering about deals at Starbucks, the company took a bit of a different route with National Coffee Day this year. Although they’re not offering any deals on their coffee, Starbucks chose to observe the holiday by donating two million coffee seeds to help rebuild the coffee industry in Puerto Rico after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria. The Starbucks Foundation and the EFI Foundation (their licensee partner in Puerto Rico) will also be giving a three-year $583,000 grant to the World Coffee Research to improve the seed quality and growing practices in Puerto Rico.

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