Armenian Hangover Cure: Beef Hash

Cure your Armenian hangover with beef hash.

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After indulging a little too much Ararat brandy, start the morning off with some Armenian beef hash. The preparation takes several hours, so start this before you begin imbibing.
The traditional Armenian booze, Ararat brandy, is said to have been Winston Churchill’s favorite drink. After indulging a little too much, start the morning off with some Armenian beef hash. The preparation takes several hours, so start this before you begin imbibing.

4 calf hooves
2 lbs. calf stomach
2 garlic cloves


It is best to buy the calf feet already cleaned, if possible. Otherwise, soak the feet in boiling water to loosen the shoe; then take off the shoe from each foot.

Singe all the hair and scrape off the rest with the edge of a knife. Wash everything very thoroughly. Soak the feet and stomach in water overnight.

Cut the stomach into about 1-inch squares. Cook them for about 10 minutes in water. Drain, and then cook them for an additional 15 minutes in a fresh pot of water.

Season to taste with salt and pepper. Make sure to skim the scum off the top (that’s what makes the dish bitter).

Serve with lemon juice or vinegar, or have it with flatbread.

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