7 of the Most Instagram-Worthy Freakshakes You Have to Try

From towering piles of candy to giant brownies and slices of cake, these milkshakes sure know how to pack a sugar-powered punch while maintaining that perfect Instagram-ready look.

The extreme milkshake, or “freakshake” first took over the social media scene in 2015, but the demand for these sugar-rush-inducing treats is still greater than ever. The freakshake— a souped-up, decked out milkshake often stacked with piles of candy, cakes, cookies and more — craze got its start in Sydney, Australia, and then exploded into a full-blown cultural phenomenon soon after. No matter the city, people can always be found lining the streets to get a taste and snap a pic of the next big freakshake star. From cafés and bakeries to burger joints and bars, here are seven of the most Instagram-worthy freakshakes from around the world.

1: Marylou's Bakehouse, London

Formerly known as Molly Bakes Cafe, Marylou's Bakehouse is the pride of London's freakshake scene. A tiny café located in the borough of Hackney just outside central London, Marylou’s is always packed with customers lined up to get their hands on one of their prized shakes. When the craze first came to England in early 2016, Marylou’s quickly stole the hearts of the city, with demand so high that they often had to announce on social media that they had sold out for the day. For just 7 pounds, you can grab a chocolate, raspberry, peanut butter or caramel freakshake, beautifully topped with brownies, syrups, cakes, candies and pretty much anything else your heart could desire.

2: Black Tap, New York City

Known by some as NYC’s most-Instagrammed restaurant, Black Tap has been on top of the freakshake game since 2015. The brainchild of owner and Michelin-starred chef Joe Isidori, Black Tap’s “Crazy Shakes” can be found at any of its four Manhattan locations, and as of this summer, can be seen traveling around the city in one of the brand-new milkshake trucks. From the decadent chocolate-smothered Brooklyn Blackout to the rich and creamy Cake Shake, Black Tap has a treat for every kind of sweet tooth. If $15 is too big of a price tag for you, you can also check out their Classic Shakes, which come with all of the same great flavors, just less toppings and at half the price.

3: Patissez, Canberra, Australia

Located just three hours outside of Sydney, Patissez is often credited with kick starting the entire freakshake craze back in June 2015. Created by cafe owner Anna Petridis, these decadent shakes were truly the first of their kind, taking the social media world by storm in just a short amount of time. With more than 15 crazy alternating flavors, this Australian eatery knows just how to make a true freakshake lover happy. From their chocolate and marshmallow “Michael Jackson” to the minty masterpiece that is the “Mint Condition,” Patissez has something to offer no matter what your milkshake tastes are. Each shake is offered in two sizes: the original larger FreakShake for $13.90 or the smaller Baby Freak for just $8.90.

4: Boston Burger Company, Boston

With three locations in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, the Boston Burger Company throws a unique spin on freakshakes with their very own "Freak Frappes." Each frappe comes smothered in delicious syrups, mounds of whipped cream and topped with anything from giant s'mores to full slices of cake. With treats ranging from $7 to $12, you can satisfy your cravings with "The King," an Elvis-inspired peanut butter and banana frappe, or check out their official Instagram for one of their decked out limited edition creations.

5: Coney Waffle, Belmar, New Jersey

Located on the world-famous Jersey Shore, Coney Waffle ice cream shop has recently made a big name for itself with its gravity-defying freakshake. Coney Waffle has called the Asbury Park boardwalk home since 1946, and is owned and operated by Joseph D'Esposito, the original owners' son. Towering nearly two feet tall, the Coney Waffle Sideshow Shake is truly one of a kind. By allowing customers to choose what kind of ice cream they want blended into the shake, it ensures that the Coney Waffle freashake experience is truly unique even before its mounds of cotton candy, signature Coney Waffle sandwich, chocolate covered pretzel, Ring Pop and lollipop are piled on top.

6: Café Nuna, Toronto

Formerly known as Niche Coffee and Tea, Cafe Nuna is home to Toronto's newest and most tasty freakshakes. Owner and operator Kris Lugo acquired the business about one year ago with a desire to create a milkshake bar, but didn't have enough space to do so. Thus, the Cafe Nuna freakshake was born. Averaging about $12 per shake, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with one of five delicious flavors, ranging from the chocolate-chip-covered "Cookie Monster," or the caffiene-packed and brownie-topped "Sip a Coffee."

7: Naughty Boy Cafe, Melbourne

Another tasty gem from the land down under, Australia's Naughty Boy Cafe is Melbourne's number one source for over-the-top freakshakes. Appropriately named InstaShakes for their Instagram fame, their chocolately "Kinder Surprise," salted "Caramel Eclair" and fruity "Berry Cheesecake" shakes are the stars of the show, all coming in at about $14 a pop. In addition to the classics, they also feature a special guest shake each week, which can be found on their social meda pages or the blackboard inside the cafe. Past guest shakes have included fan favorites like the "Truffle Trouble" and "Bailey's Apple Pie."

Top Cities to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

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Ocean City, N.J.

There’s no place like the beach for indulging a sweet tooth. A short walk along the boardwalk will turn up at least a dozen shops selling everything from soft serve ice cream to chocolate fudge, even funnel cake. A recent InfoGroup survey ranked Ocean City, N.J. as the top U.S. town for sweets lovers given the number of bakeries, candy shops and ice cream parlors around town. Make a stop at Shriver’s on the boardwalk for a beach town must, salt water taffy. Another can’t-miss spot is Aunt Betty’s Ice Cream Shack. Yum-o.

Photo By: Shriver's Salt Water Taffy & Fudge

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

It’s been called the unofficial national food and the place to get your donut fix when in Canada is St. Catharines, Ontario. With more donut shops per capita than any other country in the world, donut lovers may have a hard time choosing where to go and which kind to choose. You can’t go wrong at award-winning Beechwood Doughnuts, which offers nearly 20 different donuts each day, including lemon poppy seed and apple fritter, a favorite donut variety in Canada.

Photo By: Beechwood Doughnuts

Zurich, Switzerland

It should come as no surprise to see Zurich on a list of top cities for sweets lovers. Home to Lindt & Sprungli, one of the most famous chocolatiers in the world, chocolate truffles are for sale on nearly every corner. Whether you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate, be sure to take in the smells at the factory outlet before indulging in free chocolate samples. No wonder the Chocolate Manufacturers Association ranks Switzerland as leading the world in chocolate consumption at 18.1 pounds per person.

Photo By: Bloomberg, Getty Images

Long Beach, California

Ice cream lovers, go west to Long Beach, California where residents eat more ice cream than those in any other city in the country. Try Long Beach Creamery, an ice cream shop known for its organic, handcrafted ice cream. Go for flavors not found anywhere else, like goat cheese whiskey fig and blueberry donut. Stop in for a scoop, a pint or even an ice cream cake, which comes with step-by-step care instructions. Another local favorite is Paradis where a scoop of salted caramel fudge is absolute heaven.

Photo By: Long Beach Creamery

Orlando, Florida

The Dole Whip may be tops at Walt Disney World, but there are many more sweet treats to be found in Orlando. Shari’s Berries recently ranked Orlando as the top city for sweet tooths given the variety of cupcake shops, ice cream parlors and candy stores around town. Try Blue Bird Bake Shop, a retro-style bakery boasting treats like chocolate cherry cordial cupcakes and butterscotch pecan blondies. Or, visit Se7en Bites for handmade whoopee pies and Swiss rolls.

Photo By: Blue Bird Bake Shop

Salt Lake City, Utah

Chocolate shops abound in Salt Lake City, especially artisan chocolates, which have really taken off in the last five to 10 years in Utah. So, can it come as any surprise that The Hershey Co. named Utah the Sweet Tooth Capital of America? While Twizzlers are tops in Salt Lake City, it’s the chocolate shops, like Hatch Family Chocolates and Cummings Studio Chocolates, that really draw the crowds. Go for boxed chocolates, frozen hot chocolate, chocolate milkshakes, even chocolate-dipped caramel apples.

Photo By: Hatch Family Chocolates

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark consistently ranks among the happiest nations in the world. Maybe it’s because they also eat more candy than those living in any other country (36 pounds per year). Among their favorite sweets is flodeboller, a chocolate-covered cream puff, which is tops in Copenhagen. Many bakeries sell flodeboller, but Laura Berg at The Copenhagen Tales taste-tested this treat to save you time and shared where to get the best flodeboller in Copenhagen (spoiler: her clear winners were Mette Blomsterberg and Lagkagehuset).

Photo By: Sarah Bossert

Shanghai, China

Home to one of China’s oldest and largest ice cream factories, Yi Min No.1 Foods, it was a must to include Shanghai on a list of top cities for sweet tooths. One-third of all in cream bought around the world is consumed in China. Try Pree, a sophisticated ice cream “lounge” that boasts soft serve flavors like lemon grass ginger and porter beer. Another top pick is Gracie’s. Flavors range from the traditional, like rocky road, to signature flavors with a twist, like black sesame & honey. Even better, they deliver.

Photo By: Smart Shanghai

Franklin, Tennessee

With more bakeries than nearly any other city in the U.S., Franklin is the place to go for baked treats, like cupcakes and donuts, even paleo donuts. Head to Five Daughters Bakery to get your sugar fix while in town. Specialty flavors vary by week, but include peaches & cream and peanut butter & jealous. There’s even a live Donut Cam on their website to get up close and personal with the donuts of the day. If you fancy pies instead, head to Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop for Nancy’s Pecan Pie.

Photo By: Five Daughters Bakery

Myrtle Beach, SC

For colorful sugar shops that sell all kinds of candies, from jellybeans to bubble gum to gummy bears, head to Myrtle Beach. Home to both I Love Sugar and IT'SUGAR, you’ll find more candy inside each shop than you’ve ever seen. They’ve got giant versions of favorites, like Kit Kat bars and Air Heads, as well as international treats, like Pocky, chocolate-covered biscuit sticks from Japan. Kid may find themselves walking the stores wide-eyed taking in all the sweet deliciousness, but then, so will adults.

Photo By: Erin Gifford ©Erin Gifford

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