Steak Paradise: Part II

From Beverly Hills to Allegan, Michigan, we're serving up seconds of your favorite item on the menu.
By: Erica Walsh

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Photo by: Serghei Platonov

Serghei Platonov

It's the king of the dinner table. A cut of meat so good, we added 7 more restaurants to the original Steak Paradise list. From Beverly Hills to Allegan, MI, we're serving up seconds of your favorite item on the menu.

Gene & Georgetti
 Chicago, Illinois
Founded in 1941, Gene & Georgetti is located in the heart of Chicago's River North. One of the city's oldest and finest steakhouses, its menu pleases locals and tourists alike with a unique combination of classic steaks and traditional Italian dishes. The secret to the 200+ steaks that come through the restaurant's kitchen doors each day is the wet-aging. Dry-aged meet is hung before it's cooked and served; wet-aged steak marinates in its own juices before hitting the broiler. Reservations are highly recommended, and you might find yourself sitting near Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, Vince Vaughn or Will Ferrell -- all patrons of this Chicago landmark.

The Primehouse
Chicago, Illinois
Located just 7 blocks east of Gene & Georgetti, one of the world's hottest chefs, David Burke, has fused classic and contemporary to create the one-of-a-kind steak experience found at The Primehouse. Unlike Gene & Georgetti's, The Primehouse dry-ages their meat -- a process they say defines their dishes. Their homegrown cuts are aged for different lengths of time, giving them each distinct flavors. Going one step further, Burke has lined the walls of the drying box with salt from the Himalayas that kills bacteria, aids in the aging process and seasons the meat. From the sizzling skewered steak appetizer to the Kobe beef sashimi, The Primehouse puts its own twist on this staple of the American diet.

The Palm
 New York, New York
The Palm on Second Ave. and 45th St. is the restaurant's flagship location. The walls of The Palm are decorated with comics drawn by some of the most gifted hands in the business. The decorating began when the owner of the restaurant allowed struggling newspaper artists to paint caricatures in lieu of paying for their dinners. Now, patrons of this famed steakhouse can see their likeness adorn the wall -- if, over the years, they spend $15,000 at The Palm.

All the beef at The Palm comes from 1 source, and like The Primehouse, they dry-age their meat between 28 and 35 days. Seasoned only with olive oil and kosher salt, the cuts are broiled to perfection and served. This magic recipe has expanded business and The Palm now has locations nationwide, with 4 restaurants in New York City alone.

Lawry's the Prime Rib
 Beverly Hills, California
Lawry's now has locations in Chicago, Dallas and Las Vegas, but the restaurant on Hollywood's La Cienega Boulevard is the original. Upon its opening in 1938, the splendor of a meal at Lawry's was not only its taste, but how it was prepared and presented. Founder Lawrence L. Frank, a showman at heart, designed the famous "silver" carts so the beef could be carved tableside. The dishes and service remain as wonderful as when Lawry's first opened, so make a reservation and watch as your dinner is carved to perfection.

The Grill House
Allegan, Michigan
Escaping the bustle of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, you'll find a quiet Michigan town nestled on the Kalamazoo River. In Allegan, the simpler way of life is preferred, and at The Grill House, when patrons order a steak, they don't wait for the chef to prepare it; they pick out a hunk of raw beef and cook it themselves. Customers swap stories while cooking their dinner, and it's this sense of community that keeps the citizens of Allegan coming back again and again.

Musashi Japanese Steakhouse
Las Vegas, Nevada
Originating in 1945, Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine where all the food is cooked on a "teppan" or hot griddle. Guests at Musashi Japanese Steakhouse watch chefs prepare dinner Teppanyaki tableside, and with quick-handed flips of the knives and food, it really is dinner and a show. While exciting to watch, the reason Musashi is on this list is because of the Kobe Wagyu beef brought in from Japan. Japanese ranchers believe the less stress a cow endures, the more tender the meat. So cattle are pampered with daily massages, diets rich in natural grain and even the best Japanese beer. With a routine like that, you know it's gotta be good.

Bern's Steakhouse
Tampa, Florida
The d��cor of Bern's Steakhouse is a feast for the eyes. Its extravagantly decorated interior features the finest marble, velvet and gold trim -- a perfect setting for the steak and wine connoisseurs who frequent Bern's tables. Dry-aging is taken to new levels at this steakhouse, where the meat is aged for up to 8 weeks -- almost double the industry standard. Once the beef is properly aged, it's then cut to order on the spot and taken directly to the grill.

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