Travel Hosts' Favorite Ice Cream Shops

Travel Channel hosts pick their favorite ice cream joints in the US.
Show: Off Limits

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Summer days and nights call for ice cream! Whether it’s served in a cup or in a cone, with sprinkles or without, from a truck or a brick-and-mortar shop, ice cream always hits the spot. Check out some of our hosts’ picks for their favorite ice cream shops in the USA!
Ben and Jerry's

Ben and Jerry's

Photo by: Nicholas Erwin

Nicholas Erwin

Who can resist the classic and original flavors of Ben and Jerry’s? No one. Not even Anthony Melchiorri of Hotel Impossible.

Day 212/November 14 - Kimball Farm Ice Cream

Photo by: John Piekos, flickr

John Piekos, flickr

Off Limits and Mysteries at the Museum host Don Wildman recommends Kimball Farm in Jaffrey, NH. “Cruise Night is the best!!”


Photo by: Stu_spivack, flickr

Stu_spivack, flickr

Andrew Zimmern is no stranger to good food, including ice cream. Andrew recommends Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco; Big Gay Ice Cream in NYC; Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Ohio and Tennessee; Izzy’s in Saint Paul, MN; Prince Puckler’s Gourmet Ice Cream in Eugene, OR; and Graeter’s in Ohio and Kentucky.
4. Van Dyk’s
Van Dyk's

Van Dyk's

Photo by: Robyn Lee

Robyn Lee

Toy Hunters Jordan Hembrough’s favorite ice cream shop is Van Dyk’s Ice Cream in Ridgewood, NJ. “Since 1956, they have been serving homemade ice cream that is simply the best. My family loves it, and it has become a weekly stop during the summer.”
Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery

Photo by: Alejandro C., flickr

Alejandro C., flickr

When asked about her favorite ice cream shop, Sue McGraw from Sand Masters put it bluntly: “any Cold Stone Creamery I can find.”


Photo by: rockinfree, flickr

rockinfree, flickr

Steve Di Schiavi, host of The Dead Files is a big fan of Carvel, a franchise known for their soft serve creations and ice cream cakes.
Monterey Plaza Hotel

Monterey Plaza Hotel

Monterey Plaza Hotel

Photo by: Woodside Hotel

Woodside Hotel

Rusty Croft of Sand Masters recommends Cafe La Strada in the Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, CA, for “the best coffee and ice cream plus great views of the bay.”
Mr. Softee

Mr. Softee

Photo by: Robyn Lee, flickr

Robyn Lee, flickr

Mark Meyer, one of the auctioneers featured in the show Baggage Battles, loves local ice cream trucks -- Mr. Softee’s vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles reminds him of summer.
9. Thrifty’s


Photo by: Christine Zilka

Christine Zilka

Laurence and Sally Martin of Baggage Battles love the ice cream counter at Thrifty Drug Store, “we have one in El Segundo, CA, and it is a great place for – still – an inexpensive scoop of the creamy stuff.”


Photo by: onetonnoodle, flickr

onetonnoodle, flickr

Matt Long, one of the Sand Masters, has dubbed himself "an aficionado of good ice cream,"  and notes that "the rest of the cast will attest to my addiction. I have ice cream every day and while I have had it in a hundred beach town parlors, the very, very best are right here in Staten Island. There is Eggers Ice cream Parlor for sundaes, banana splits and even the old fashioned egg cream (I was never a fan of) We are doubly blessed with Ralph's Italian Ices. Ralph's is only open April through September, and every day from open to close, there is a line at each of the three service windows. On a hot weekend, the line is 30 minutes at a time and worth the wait."
Sundae School

Sundae School

Photo by: Allee Sangiolo

Allee Sangiolo

Samantha Brown has a soft spot for Sundae School in Dennisport, MA. The Cape Cod ice cream parlor "opened in 1976 by school teachers who wanted a way to live their summers on the Cape. Now they need police to help move the never ending traffic that comes in for the famous sundaes, banana splits and Frappes. I made my own ice cream flavor there called Mojito chocolate chunk."

The Travel Channel host also has a spot in her heart for Brown’s Ice Cream in York, ME. "With views of the Atlantic and the famous lighthouse Nubble Light, this is a classic where you stand in line and order through a screen window to the pretty high school girl you know all the boys working there pine for."

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