This Is What Avocado Toast Will Cost You Across the Country

Check out the average price in 10 major cities.

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Oh, avocado toast. It’s the Instagram obsession that the internet loves to mock, but it actually has totally legit health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and allowing the body to absorb cancer-fighting carotenoids from other fruits and veggies. Whether you’re a devout follower or love to hate it, you can’t ignore the trend on brunch menus. Even Disneyland now offers avocado toast. You can find it at Storytellers Cafe.

Close Up of Avocado Toast With Egg on Top

New Avocado Toast at Disneyland

Calling all avocado toast fans! You can now get your fix at Disneyland at The Storytellers Cafe.

Photo by: Disneyland


In my neighborhood in Seattle, I head to Re:public for avocado toast and a Brass Monkey (orange juice and Rainier beer mimosa). The Pacific Northwest-inspired farm to table restaurant charges $8 for their avocado toast and it comes with an Instagram-worthy watermelon radish rose on top. Eight bucks sounds like a lot for basically bread, smashed avocado and radish shavings, but compared to other major cities, that’s a steal.

Close Up of Avocado Toast With Giant Radish Shavings on Top

The Best Avocado Toast in Seattle

Check out brunch at republic in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood for trendy avocado toast with a radish rose on top.

Photo by: Deanne Revel

Deanne Revel

The folks at calculated the average price of avocado toast across the country. Yes, we live in an era where there is enough avocado toast consumption to have a report on market prices. What a time to be alive. The researchers even went a step further and calculated how many toasts it would take to buy a home in the cities featured. It may make you reevaluate your brunch goals. Read on to see the prices from coast to coast.

New York City: $10

It’s no surprise NYC has one of the most expensive toast prices on average. And you can spend way above the average price with gourmet choices such as the $18 pomegranate avocado toast at While We Were Young.

Dallas: $8

Avocado toast is literally the first thing on the menu at the Dallas coffee shop Toasted. The “AVO-CA-DAMN” for $6.25 features both red and green sriracha.

San Francisco: $9

The steep price seems fitting since the tech capital has one of the highest rent rates in the world. But, if you’re rent poor in San Francisco, you can find filling and cheap avocado toast at La Capra Coffee. The unique baguette bread version is only $5.50.

Miami: $10

We’re actually shocked that the average price isn’t higher because everything is expensive in Miami. For a total splurge, head to B Bistro and Bakery The $15 Mexican Avocado Toast is piled high with jalapeno crema, cotija, charred corn and pickled Fresnos.

Overhead View of Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast at Sage Vegan Bistro

Even if you're not vegan, you'll love the menu at Sage Vegan Bistro in Pasadena. Brunch features trendy avocado toast and blueberry pancakes.

Photo by: Deanne Revel

Deanne Revel

Los Angeles: $8

It’s true avocados taste better in Southern California, and one of the best places to have avocado toast in SoCal is at Sage Vegan Bistro in Pasadena. Even if you’re not vegan, you will love the menu.

Washington D.C.: $9

The District is a melting pot of international cuisine and hybrid dishes. And avocado toast is no exception. Gastropub The Fainting Goat serves up a $14 avo-mash with pickled onions, arugula, soft-cooked egg and togarashi, a Japanese chili powder.

Houston: $9

If you can walk into a bakery and pass up things like strawberries and cream croissants for avocado toast, it must be good. The average priced $9 toast at Tout Suite Cafe features a not-so-average ciabatta bread and chives. Yum.

Phoenix: $7

Scoring the least expensive in the roundup, Phoenix is your new budget travel destination...if you’re basing travel expenses solely on avocado toast prices. We’re not judging. If you do go, go where the locals go: Berdena’s. The Scottsdale cafe keeps it classic with a $5 avo-mash topped with olive oil and pepper flakes.

San Diego: $8

If $8 avocado toast comes with a view of San Diego’s amazing beaches, we say it’s worth it. Local coffee chain Better Buzz Coffee Roasters has several beach locations and features a three-seed avocado toast with chia, hemp and sesame.

Chicago: $11

You’d think the most expensive avocado toast on average would be New York or Miami but, nope, it’s Chicago. For slightly below average prices, head to Slightly Toasted. The cafe features a $9 avocado toast with “avocado two ways” which begs the question: Is there such as thing as too much avocado?

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