All You Can Meat: Ribs Pictures

Chuey Martinez is on a quest for America's best ribs. Chuey tries them all, from barrel-smoked ribs in America's BBQ capital of Kansas City to traditional, Texas-style beef ribs in Austin, TX.
Episode: Ribs
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Host Chuey Martinez smothers chef Jack Moore's ribs in Blowin' Smoke BBQ Sauce in Spencer, NC.

Chuey Martinez loves the rib sandwich at JMueller BBQ in Austin, TX.

At JMueller BBQ in Austin, TX, restaurant owner John Mueller explains different cuts of ribs to host Chuey Martinez.

BBQ master Jay Vantuyl shows off his ribs to the All You Can Meat crew.

Host Chuey Martinez checks out BBQ expert Tommy Dippel’s Western-style smoker on his ranch near Austin, TX.

Austin, TX, is a quirky city full of unique eateries.

Chuey builds himself a rib sandwich at JMueller BBQ.

Chuey savors the wonderful aroma of freshly-barbecued ribs.

People come from all over North Carolina to try Bubba Chavis' smoked ribs at the historic Rock Store Bar-B-Q.

John Mueller and Chuey Martinez add some wood to the smoker's fire at JMueller BBQ in Austin, TX.

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