CityEats’ Picks: Winter Cocktails

With the temperature dropping, there’s nothing better than a winter cocktail to warm you up. From a hot toddy to a classic bourbon-spiked cider, here are CityEats’ 10 favorite winter cocktails.
By: Clarissa Wei
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Prado 86 from Green Russell (Denver)

In a swanky underground lair in downtown Denver, Green Russell presents the ideal cure for winter chill. The Prado 86 offers the warmth and kicked-up smokiness of Sombra mezcal and black-pepper syrup, balanced with the brightness of fresh-pressed pineapple juice, blood-orange juice and orange liqueur.

Apple Cider Manhattan from Westend Bistro (DC)

Few cocktails are better winter fallbacks than a Manhattan. This DC restaurant spices up the whiskey classic, using reduced apple cider for a great whiff of cinnamon and spice.

Lime Light from Luma on Park (Winter Park, FL)

Taking full advantage of both citrus and peppermint, Winter Park favorite sipping spot Luma on Park has invented the Lime Light. The drink features a bold combination of wasabi vodka, lime, cucumber, peppermint, lemon and ground red peppercorn that make for a perfectly sweet, spicy and refreshing winter libation.

Snowflake from Hyde Bellagio (Las Vegas)

Hyde Bellagio’s Snowflake is a delicate and pure drink that packs an icy bite thanks to a splash of liquid nitrogen. Served in a glass “frosted” by freshly fallen coconut “snowflakes” and sweetened with Malibu rum, the cocktail is as delicious to sip as it is to admire.

The Old Twelfth Night from South Water Kitchen (Chicago)

Chicago’s South Water Kitchen combines potent 101-proof bourbon (Wild Turkey 101), apple brandy, lemon juice and thyme syrup in its The Old Twelfth Night cocktail to create a steaming wintery concoction perfect for combating the winter blues.

Hot Chocolate Mark from Top of the Mark (San Francisco)

Warm up with this adult hot chocolate, served at Top of the Mark in San Francisco’s iconic InterContinental Mark Hopkins hotel. Made with crème de menthe and peach liqueur, the Hot Chocolate Mark doubles as a cocktail and dessert. Garnished with red chili for an extra kick.

The Cinnamon Twist from Pink Taco Sunset Strip (LA)

The Cinnamon Twist combines Don Julio Anejo, apple cider and cranberry juice for a fruity twist. The peppers add a spicy kick.

Kith and Kin from Cusp Dining and Drinks (La Jolla, CA)

Kith and Kin is Old English for “friends and family,” making this cool-weather sipper perfect for entertaining. Created by bartender Nate Howell, this cocktail is packed with seasonal ingredients, including cinnamon-infused pear cordial, yellow Chartreuse, cognac, fresh grapefruit, agave and hot water.

The Ginseng Glow from Middle Branch (New York)

In China, ginseng is commonly used as a warming agent, so Lucinda Sterling of New York’s Middle Branch decided to take advantage. To make her Ginseng Glow, Sterling combines rum, lime juice and Aperol with ginseng tea powder.  

Italian Hot Toddy from Coppa (Boston)

At Coppa, a Boston enoteca, the Italian Hot Toddy is one of the most popular winter beverages on the menu. Beverage director Mary Edes created this Italian spin on the classic, using Meletti Amaro. 

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