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Cocktails with Alie and Georgia that will transport you to your fantasy destinations, presented by Pinnacle® Vodka… premium without the premium.
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Hawaii at Home

It’s hard to find time for a warm-weather getaway, so “go away” to the Hawaiian Islands without leaving the comfort of your home! A backyard tiki bar, a great tropical drink and pops of color will take you on a fantasy vacation. 

Pinnacle Tropical Tiki-Tini

The Pinnacle® Tropical Tiki-Tini will transform your backyard into a beach luau. Mix 1 part Pinnacle® Tropical Punch Vodka with 2 parts iced tea. Pour into a coconut or fun beach-inspired glass and get in the mood for a tropical celebration!

Backyard Tiki Bar

Create a simple but inspired backyard tiki bar for island vibes. Use tiki torches and fun glasses with tiny umbrellas and flamingo stirrers. Keep your drink hand free by serving finger foods such as fruit skewers and coconut shrimp. 

Reward Yourself

The responsibility of packing for a trip should come with great reward. Conjure up the taste of future vacations by creating the Pinnacle® Coconut Spritzer, a cocktail suitable for fantastic packing results. Mix 1 part Pinnacle® Coconut Vodka, 2 parts club soda and a splash of pineapple juice. Serve over ice, garnish with a lime wheel, and start packing!

Packing Tips

Do you struggle with overpacking? Choose outfits ahead of time to avoid packing your entire closet, and simplify your luggage by rolling up clothes and putting everything in Ziploc bags. Also, bring only toiletry samples — it saves room, and you don’t have to worry about an exploding bottle!

Get Creative

Find imaginative ways to identify your suitcase at baggage claim with unique luggage, fun baggage tags, ribbons and more! 

Make Packing Fun

Packing can actually be a fun part of the trip, especially when paired with a getaway-inspired cocktail and a friend!

Escape to Paris

Put together a perfect French-inspired celebration! Incorporate sophisticated nibbles such as a baguette and butter, a selection of French cheese (chevre, brie, Roquefort) and colorful macarons. 

Classic French Cocktail

French favorites, such as cheese and bread, go perfectly with a Pinnacle® Paris Escape cocktail. Mix 1 part Pinnacle® Original Vodka, 1 part pineapple juice, muddled raspberries and garnish with raspberries and lemon.

Pinnacle® Unflavored Vodka, Gold Outstanding Award, 2013 International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Classy and Sophisticated

Practice the French philosophy of leisure, culture and chic basics with this celebration. It’s guaranteed to make you feel classy and sophisticated!

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