Fast Foods Gone Global

Our Fast Foods Gone Global pictures show how Asia, Europe and the Pacific Rim have all adopted the West’s fast-food giants: McDonald’s, Subway and KFC.
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The McVeggie sandwich at McDonald's in Mumbai is a spicy vegetarian option.

The Maharaja Mac is McDonald's vegetarian version of the classic Big Mac, made specially for India.

The locally grown produce at Israel's Subway makes their sandwiches especially appealing.

McDonald's in Hong Kong hires a foam "artist" to put special touches on its McCafé drinks.

Fairwood is a Hong Kong-based fast-food chain that serves full meals, such as this hot pot, at bargain prices.

India's Jumbo King serves the famous Vada Pav sandwich, also known as a "Bombay burger," but make no mistake, it's vegetarian.

This salad sandwich is a breakfast sandwich with vegetables and cheese, thought to be originally created to appeal to Japanese women.

A foot-long Subway sandwich in Berlin is popular with Germans.

Subway stores in Israel are strictly kosher, adding no cheese and definitely no bacon to their meat sandwiches.

In addition to the Colonel’s Original Recipe, KFC in Hong Kong has elected to serve a spicy menu to its customers.

The Colonel's classic Kentucky Fried Chicken Original and Crispy recipes are popular across Asia.

The Pizza Company is an American-style fast-food restaurant with a twist: A pizza with sausages baked into the crust is also served with Thai limes.

A Vada Pav sandwich is a vegetable patty made with peas.

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