The 7 Best Under-the-Radar Wine Countries

When you think of wine-producing countries, you may naturally think of Italy, Spain and France. But there's a whole slew of other countries with incredible, local wine to share.

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This country is famous for its world-class beer culture, but Western Germany is home to delicious wines, too. White wines (especially Riesling) are the specialty here and a great alternative to the also-delicious beer options.

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No South Australian voyage is complete without wine. The city of Adelaide is known as the country's wine capital, and the region is spotted with wineries where Shiraz is sure to be found.

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Croatia sits across from one of the world's most popular wine makers – Italy – but this Eastern European country is home to its own delicious wines. Known for its white wine varietals, Croatia houses four major wine regions.

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There are many aspects of Chinese culture we're familiar with, but wine is rarely at the top of that list. The country's Shandong Province is home to one of the best wine countries in Asia, with a warm, coastal climate enabling it to serve this purpose.

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United Kingdom

The Royal Wedding has been a huge spectacle for the UK this year, but its wine industry also experienced a major milestone. Earlier this year, the first English wine in history was awarded a royal warrant, putting it amongst the ranks of other famous UK drink classics.

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Didn't realize Ireland serves more than Guinness? Not many people do. But Ireland has a long history of winemaking, starting with Irish monks. Now, the Emerald Isle is home to a number of vineyards around Cork.

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Thailand's residents are known for sharing bottles of spirits among big groups, but lately they've been popping open bottles of wine with friends. Despite the hot and humid climate, the country has built a number of wineries with vivid rosé, shiraz and more.

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