LA Food Trucks

Food trucks offer hungry LA hipsters the chance to chow down on Korean tacos, fancy ice cream sandwiches and ethnic goodies all with a gourmet spin.
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With options that include a Fish & Grapes taco, Komodo is not your typical taco truck.

The Dim Sum Truck carts tasty Chinese snacks around Los Angeles.

The Slice Truck is LA's roving pizza mobile that serves individual slices and whole pies.

Expand your culinary horizons with some South Indian street food from the DOSAtruck.

Don Chow serves fusion tacos blending the best of Chinese and Mexican fare.

The Nom Nom Truck brings a taste of Vietnam to West Angeles with its signature 'Banh Mi' sandwich.

Coolhaus is a converted postal van that serves up ice-cream nirvana.

Start your day off right at the Buttermilk Truck, which serves breakfast goodies including fluffy buttermilk pancake bites

French fries rise from the ranks of side dish to become the main course on the Frysmith truck.

You won't know you're craving a Korean Mexican taco until you taste the goodness of spicy pork tacos from Kogi Truck.

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