Monstersized Meals: Giant Burger Pictures

DIY Network’s Chris Grundy travels to California's OC Fair to accompany Brett Enright and Nick Nicora as they attempt to do what no commercial chef has done before - build an 800-lb. cheeseburger!
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An aerial view of the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA.

DIY’s Cool Tools host Chris Grundy and Juicy’s CEO Brett shop for ground beef in the supermarket. They’ve filled 3 shopping carts, and they’re still not finished.

The cooking staff mixes the ground beef that will be used to build the 800-lb. hamburger.

Nick preps the giant hamburger bun.

Brett and Nick talk about their plans for the giant burger in front of Juicy’s mobile grill.

Nick and Brett begin assembling the grill that will be used to cook the hamburger.

Juicy’s isn’t just about the burger. Brett’s cooking staff is hard at work grilling several chickens on a giant grill for the fair.

Nick and Chris stand behind the grill at the smoked-turkey-leg food stand.

Performers on stilts walk in front of the food stands at the county fair.

A night shot of Juicy’s burger stand at the county fair.

The finished product -- Juicy’s 800-lb. hamburger.

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