10 Unique Ballpark Foods to Cross Off Your Summer Bucket List

Peanuts and Cracker Jack are staples, for sure, but they're not the only foods you'll find at the ballpark!

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Pizza Cupcakes at Citi Field

Every year, Major League Baseball teams across the U.S. add brand new, over-the-top snacks to their menus — and this season's starting lineup is about as delectable as it gets. From the sweet to the savory, from the bad to the bold, these are the craziest ballpark foods to try this summer.

What could be more perfect for a New York Mets game than a Pizza Cupcake? Unlike your standard slice, which can be awkward to carry and eat in the stands, these bite-sized beauts are easy to hold and even easier to consume. You'll find them at the Jim Beam Highball Club on the Promenade Level, where you can take your pick of classic pepperoni and margherita flavors.

Stuf'd S'mores at Citi Field

When you're craving something sweet, skip the Cracker Jack and go straight to the MVP of desserts: the Stuf'd S'more. Made from graham cracker-crusted French toast filled with a swirl of Nutella, marshmallow fluff and dark chocolate chunks, this treat is sinfully sweet. And conveniently enough, you can also get it at the Jim Beam Highball Club during your next Mets game.

Donut Burger at Citizens Bank Park

Only the bravest Philadelphia Phillies fans would dare to take a bite out of the Donut Burger. Just as its name suggests, this crazy concoction consists of a fresh beef patty, American cheese, crispy Applewood bacon and spicy cherry pepper jam served in the middle of a glazed donut. You can find it at Boardwalk Eats, if you (and your stomach) are up to the challenge.

Brisket-Topped Tots at Kauffman Stadium

A trip to Kansas City, Mo., just wouldn't be complete without brisket — so it's a good thing you can get brisket-topped tots at a Royals game. This savory snack is actually served in a souvenir cap and features smoked brisket, white queso, barbecue sauce and green onions piled on a bed of tater tots. Order yours at the Miller Lite Bar in Section 202.

Cinnamon Chipotle Loaded Totchos at PNC Park

Speaking of topped tots, the Cinnamon Chipotle Loaded Totchos are definitely a must when visiting Pittsburgh's PNC Park. Tater tots, cinnamon chipotle-spiced pulled pork, grilled green and red onions and chipotle maple syrup combine to create this sweet-meets-spicy bite. Get it at the Riverwalk Grill near Section 144.

Hot Tenders at Great American Ball Park

Make your way to Great American Ball Park, because Hot Chicken has officially arrived at the home of the Cincinnati Reds. You'll find this fiery and flavorful offering at The Fry Box near Section 112 where chicken tenders are dipped in hot sauce, served on a golden slice of Texas toast and topped with tangy sliced pickles.

Bayou City Hot Dog at Minute Maid Park

Hot dogs are anything but boring down in Houston. In addition to the Fritos Pie Corn Dog —a foot-long hot dog dipped in house-made Fritos corn chip batter and topped with queso blanco and Texas chili — you can now feast on the Astro's new Bayou City Hot Dog (pictured above). This savory snack consists of a Nolan Ryan hot dog topped with smoked pork burnt ends, Rico's cheese sauce, pickle chips, green onions and hot barbecue sauce. Look for it at Downtown Dogs stands near Section 111 and 431.

Right Field Bacon Bombs at Globe Life Park

Not to be outdone, the Texas Rangers have unveiled a star snack of their own: the Right Field Bacon Bombs. Now available at Globe Life Park in Arlington, these mouthwatering morsels are made of provolone cheese wrapped in bacon and deep-fried to perfection. You can find them at The State Fare Stand near Section 41.

PB & Bacon Sandwich at Target Field

Kids and adults alike will want to get their hands on the new Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins. This scrumptious sandwich is served on two slices of toasted sourdough and pairs peanut butter with crispy, jelly-candied bacon. Find it near Section 114.

Coney Dog Egg Roll at Comerica Park

When in Detroit, get a coney dog. But when at Comerica Park? You'd better make that a Coney Dog Egg Roll. With a hot dog, chili, mustard and diced onions all rolled into a crispy, crunchy shell, this treat puts a fun twist on a local favorite. Look for it at The Tigers' Big Cat Court near Gate A.