World's Best Cafes for Coffee Lovers

Do you travel in search of the perfect cup of coffee? From a grand coffee house in Vienna to a stand-up cafe in Rome, see the most iconic cafes around the world to get your java fix.

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Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires

As Argentina’s oldest cafe, this historic hangout has been a gathering spot for artists, politicians and musicians since the late 1800s. You can’t leave without ordering the local favorite -- chocolate con churros, crunchy fried dough dipped into thick hot chocolate.

Cafe Central, Vienna

A Viennese institution since 1876, this palatial coffeehouse has been a meeting place for some of the world’s greatest minds, from Sigmund Freud to Leon Trotsky. True to Viennese cafe culture, you’ll want to linger for hours in this grand cafe.

Sant'Eustachio il Caffe, Rome

Founded in 1938, this small stand-up cafe is a landmark in the heart of Rome, near the city’s iconic Piazza Navona. Drinking espresso standing up is the equivalent of to-go coffee for Italians. No matter how much time you have, order the local favorite "gran caffè speciale,” a shot of sweetened espresso. 

La Cafeotheque, Paris

While many cafes in Paris focus on atmosphere more than the coffee, this spot is one of the exceptions. Coffee aficionados, Parisian hipsters and tourists alike all gather at this cafe for the best beans from all over the world, which are roasted in-house.

Winkel, Amsterdam

A favorite of locals and tourists alike, this charming corner café is known for its appeltaart (Dutch apple pie). But it’s also a great spot to sip on coffee, especially because of the outdoor seating, with its front-row view of the bustling farmers market nearby. 

Toma Cafe, Madrid

To keep up with this high-energy city, you’ll need plenty of caffeine. The locals head to this tiny bustling café to refuel with favorites such as cafe con leche (espresso with milk) and alfajores (caramel biscuit sweet).

Kaffeine, London

While the caffeinated beverage of choice in London is tea, coffee (good coffee, too) can still be found in this city. Inspired by the cafes in Australia and New Zealand, this independent coffee spot is always packed with those in search of an expertly brewed cup of java. 

Caffe Vita, Seattle

Virtually anywhere you go in Seattle, you’re an arm’s length away from a great cup of coffee. So if you ask a Seattleite where to find the best coffee, be prepared for a lengthy list in response. A local favorite, this cafe specializes in small-batch coffee roasting and even offers the general public a chance to learn the secret to its artisanal brewing with its Public Brewing School.

Reslau, Auckland

New Zealand invented and perfected the country’s signature coffee drink -- the flat white, a shot of espresso blended with steamed milk, no froth. This award-winning cafe is one of the best spots in Auckland to enjoy an expertly crafted flat white topped off with a home-baked treat.

Double Tall, Japan

While you might think that the Japanese drink green tea all day, coffee is becoming more and more popular in this country, especially with the younger generations. While the iconic vending machine is a popular way to get your caffeine fix to-go, there is a small band of quality coffee shops in Tokyo, with Double Tall leading the pack. Known for its latte art, the coffee’s presentation -- and taste -- will wow you.

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