World's Wackiest Pub Crawls

Ever felt like wearing your Batman costume in public but decided against it after realizing that it isn't exactly socially acceptable? Well then, you’re in luck – there's a pub crawl for that.

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Lepre-Con – Hoboken, New Jersey
Santa-con is so last December. Ditch your red furry Santa suit in favor of something a little more green, and celebrate all things Irish while dressed in full leprechaun garb.

I Love the 90's Pub Crawl

I Love the 90’s Pub Crawl – Orlando, Florida
Celebrate your love for the Fresh Prince, Baywatch and snap bracelets by dancing the night away to your favorite 90s hits on this nostalgic pub crawl.

Harry Potter Pub Crawl

Harry Potter Pub Crawl – Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania
Calling all muggles! Your chance to prove that you really ARE a wizard is finally here. This pub crawl is just one event of an entire Harry Potter weekend – complete with a quidditch tournament, costume contests and a total Hogsmeade-themed town makeover.

Santa Claus Pub Crawl

Santa Claus Pub Crawl – Various Cities
Because what could possibly be more holly or jolly than dressing up like good ‘ole Saint Nick and having a drink (or a few) with thousands of similarly decked-out strangers? Santa Claus pub crawls take place all around the world (this one’s in London) but the annual event in Wollongong, Australia is one of the oldest.

Superhero Crawl

Superhero Crawl – Reno, Nevada
Pull up your tights, grab your cape and get ready to “save the world, one drink at a time.” You’ll need the stamina of a superhero to survive this pub crawl, which continues until the bars close. Don’t forget your mask-- you’ll want to keep your identity concealed as you stagger home.

The Subcrawl

The Subcrawl – Glasgow, UK
Glasgow’s circular subway line has inspired a rather unique challenge: buy an all-day pass and get off at each of the 15 stops for a drink at the closest bar. You deserve a serious pat on the back (and probably a cab home) if you make it all the way around. Just to keep things interesting, subcrawlers are required to ride the train without sitting down or holding on, a practice known as “subsurfing.”

Pirate Pub Crawl

Pirate Pub Crawl – Florida
Ahoy matey! Why wait for International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th — in case you didn’t already know) to talk like a pirate? In fact, why not combine talking like a pirate, dressing like a pirate AND drinking like one, too! This guided pub crawl in Dunedin, FL, even includes a history lesson about the most notorious pirates in Tampa Bay history. Yo ho ho … and a bottle of rum.

Tacky Christmas Sweater

Tacky Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl – Washington, DC
Let’s face it – that Christmas sweater that Granny got you is way too embarrassing to wear to anything BUT a theme party, so here’s your chance! Helpful hint: the more 3-dimensional, the better, and sweater vests tend to increase the tackiness.

Zombie Pub Crawl

Zombie Pub Crawl – Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota
No, this is not a scene out of “Dawn of the Dead,” (admittedly, the makeup was a bit better in the movie). It’s just a zombie pub crawl! Head to Minneapolis/ St. Paul to party like it’s your last day on earth or like you’re already dead.

Pug Crawl

Pug Crawl – Portland, Oregon
Support the Oregon Humane Society at this annual event that features a pug costume contest and a pug kissing booth. More than 600 pugs are expected to attend this year, along with their humans … who are also allowed to come.

Monopoly Pub Crawl

Monopoly Pub Crawl – London
Work your way around the London monopoly board on this ambitious pub crawl, with 26 stops at 26 pubs for each of the 26 streets featured in the game. Unfortunately, none of the pubs offer “Get Out of Jail Free” cards – so be sure to stick to half pints.

Pajamas and Nighties

Pajamas and Nighties – Portland, Oregon
Crawlers are required to wear slippers , bring a pillow and carry a stuffed animal to this comfy-cozy evening, which includes a game of Twister played on a mattress and a pillow fight.

Snuggie Pub Crawl

Snuggie Pub Crawl – Various Cities
Because let’s face it -- when else will you ever have an excuse to wear a snuggie in public?

Silent Disco Pub Crawl

Silent Disco Pub Crawl – Various Cities
Participants wear headsets and dance from bar to bar listening to an MP3 player on this seriously wacky pub crawl. You may have Top 40 tracks blasting in your ears, but the rest of the world has no idea -- so prepare to get a few questioning looks. Plan your own silent pub crawl with the help of Silent Storm, a company that specializes in “silencing” events.

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