Travel Channel Editors Share Their Favorite Footwear

These trusty shoes come with us on every trip.

Shoes can make or break a vacation, especially one that requires a lot of walking. The last thing you want to do is to cut a day of sightseeing short because your aching, blistered feet just can’t take it anymore. Finding footwear that’s comfortable, versatile and easy to pack can be tricky, so we’re sharing our top picks to make it easier. Treat your feet right on your next trip with shoes that Travel Channel editors swear by.

Tieks Ballet Flats

"Any time I take a trip, my black Tieks are absolutely essential. They’re super comfortable, they go with every outfit and they can be folded in half to allow for painless packing in even the smallest of bags." — Alley Loope, Editorial Intern


Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers

"I never go on a trip without my Sanuks. They’re easy to slip on and off, they're quick-dry (so I can go from water to land), they’re comfortable and they go with any casual outfit. I’ve had mine for almost a decade and they’re still in great shape." — Farima Alavi, Assistant Editor


Sanuk Yoga Slings

"The footbed is made from a real yoga mat if that tells you anything about their comfort level. Knowing I would be taking off my shoes often in Thailand, I bought these both for comfort and convenience. They’re lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean. Plus, they pack flat." — Kayla Kitts, Managing Editor


Nike Roshe One Sneakers

"My go-to footwear when traveling is my pair of Nikes. They’re super comfortable and lightweight. Plus, they’re versatile for outfit planning. I’m usually not a fan of wearing running shoes with non-athletic clothing, but since the design of this pair is so simple and sleek, I can usually pull them off with jeans or even a casual t-shirt dress.” — Laura James, Assistant Editor


Okabashi Wave Sandals

"Comfortable, with a massaging insole, and stylish too, these partially recycled shoes are great for the beach or summer vacations (they're waterproof, too) and are dishwasher safe so you can easily clean them up." — Felicia Feaster, Managing Editor


Rockport Waterproof Booties

"These shoes are attractive, easy to walk in whether traversing city streets or going off-road and perfect for sliding on and off when traveling through TSA or even on the plane." — Felicia Feaster, Managing Editor


Skechers Classic Cup Sneakers

"A good old pair of black-and-white slip-on Skechers. I’ve walked all over Manhattan and London in them without a blister or an ache. They’re dressier than plain lace-up sneakers so they look cute with a skirt, you can easily slip them off and on at the airport, and if your feet swell from flying or too much walking, Skechers are stretchy so they don’t hurt." — Jackie McGilvray, Editor

Chaco Classic Sandals

"If it’s warm enough to wear sandals, Chacos are my go-to shoe for pretty much everything; they’ve gotten me through music festivals, amusement park trips, hiking adventures and much more. They offer the best support of any shoe I own, so I don’t have to worry about tired feet putting a damper on my trip. With more than 160 strap designs (from basic black to more vibrant patterns), there’s a pair for any style." — Shannon Petrie, Managing Editor


21 Genius Upcycled Packing Hacks

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Easy Razor Cover

Ever reached into your toiletries case and met the wrong end of a razor? Ouch. Place a ten-cent binder clip over the razor head to prevent any nicks. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Cool It

Running late with a hot curling iron or hair straightener? Cool it down quickly with a cold, wet washcloth. Just be careful not to touch the hot part. If the tool is still warm, use an oven mitt as a sheath to insulate heat in your bag. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Store Small Amounts of Liquids

Going on a short trip and don’t want to pack large bottles? A contact lens case is great for storing concealer, foundation, lotions, lip color and more.  

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

No Loss Floss

No one likes to floss, so it stands to reason that no one will steal dental floss. The innards pop out easily and make a great place to stow valuables in your suitcase. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Keep Track of Bobby Pins

You can use a mint box to hold hair clips and bobby pins but a card takes up much less space in a toiletries bag.

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Dollar Store Wine Sleeve

Save money by packing your own wine. Keep it safe with a water floatie. We recommend this for road trips and cruises, not checked luggage.  

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Tangle-Free Necklaces

Arriving at your final destination to find your necklaces tangled or broken can ruin the best of vacations. Before embarking, unlatch, string half the necklace through a drinking straw and re-clasp on the outside. Small ones work for thin gold chains while smoothie straws are great for thicker strands. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Makeshift Top

Smoothie straws also make a great sheath for both eye and lip liners, which frequently lose tops in handbags. Just use the bendy part of the straw to cover. If the pencil is narrower than the straw, clog the end with a little tissue. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Upcycled Jewel Box

A pillbox is great for medications, but it’s also a fine place to store and pack jewelry while traveling. The separate containers keep your bling organized, easy to see and not in one pile. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Extra Padding

A simple padded mailer envelope gives your tablet or phone extra cushion and protection in a suitcase. Some are even waterproof. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Hat Trick

Here’s another option if you don’t have a case. Keep your device cozy in a winter hat to prevent scratching. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

For the Shopaholics

If you’re traveling with the intent of shopping, consider packing a suitcase within a suitcase. If you don’t, you’ll end of buying another (probably overpriced) suitcase for the return flight. And chances are you won’t use it again. We packed a week’s worth of clothes that fit into one carry-on bag within a 22-inch rolling suitcase.

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Hidden in Plain Sight

Reuse sunglass cases for packing jewelry and other valuables. The hard shell absorbs shock and the ordinary item thwarts would-be thieves. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Tin Tip

Reuse mint tins and soap tins to hold necessities like ear swabs and bandages. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Snack Hack

Trying to stay healthy on your road trip? Protect fruits that are easily bruised or punctured with a Koozie. Plus, you’ll have an extra koozie for drinks when you get to your destination.  

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Passport Hideaway

No safe? A DVD shell is a great spot to hide your passport as the inner clip holds it in place nicely.  

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Save Those Wine Gift Bags

Reuse a cloth wine bag for delicates, like lingerie and bathing suits. And if you need a hostess gift at your destination, consider it the gift bag that just keeps on giving. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Phone Boombox

Save real estate in your bag by leaving the Bluetooth speaker at home and using your phone. All you need is a glass from the mini bar. Place the phone inside and the sound amplifies. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Bonus Outlets

Going abroad? Pack a power strip along with a three-prong adapter. Now you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Pillow Talk

The next time you buy new sheets or pillow cases, save the zippered plastic cases. They're great for travel makeup cases. 

Photo By: Akemi Hiatt

Catch All

Cord catchers are great for your tech gear but they're also great for organizing all the random things at the bottom of a purse or carry-on. 

Photo By: Holly Aguirre

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