10 Of The Oddest Things Seen On Google Maps

It’s been 15 years since Google Maps launched its street view feature, and Google’s cars and satellites have captured their fair share of creepy photos and overhead images.

Creepy screenshot from google street view of the pigeon people.

10 Creepy Sites on Google Maps featuring the pigeon people.

Photo by: Google Street View

Google Street View

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1. Nazca Lines

Nobody is entirely sure how the giant geoglyphs in the desert of Peru got there, but the figures include spiders, spirals, birds, and other drawings. If they’re only visible from the air, why have they been there since before humans could travel by air?

2. Scarecrow People

At first glance, it appears that a Finnish field is full of people standing still in long rows, but it is actually a large collection of scarecrows.

3. Pigeon People

Pranksters in Japan were ready when Google’s street view camera came by, but the stunt still makes for an unnerving photo.

4. Kazakhstan Pentagram

There is a large pentagram on the shore of a lake in a remote part of Kazakhstan. While some people have linked it to occult activity, the pentagram may just be the walking trails in a park.

5. Rhyolite Nevada Ghost Town Things

Eerie sculptures stand sentinel in the Nevada ghost town of Rhyolite on the edge of Death Valley.

6. Nokoro, Japan

As people moved away or died in a remote Japanese village, one of the old women began recreating their likenesses in life-sized dolls.

7. Antarctic Shadow Person

A mysterious landform in Antarctica looks like the silhouettes of two faces looking towards the left.

8. Island of Birds

A tiny island in the Hawaiian Island chain features a massive amount of birds and practically zero people.

9. Trementina Scientology Base

The Church of Scientology’s base near Trementina, New Mexico, is thought to be a large, extraterrestrial cathedral that guides adherents to it by way of the ground markings. There is also a private airstrip nearby.

10. Antarctica Melting to Reveal Flying Saucer

As the ice in Antarctica melts, some UFO enthusiasts believe the receding ice reveals a flying saucer.

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