11 Haunted Former Asylums And Their Unsettling Pasts

In these often overcrowded facilities, patients were mistreated and subjected to cruel medical experimentation. We explore the dark history of these asylums.

July 22, 2021

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Photo By: Dakota Laden, Tanner Wiseman, Chelsea Ladena and Alex Schroeder at Sheboygan County Asylum, as seen on Travel Channel's Destination Fear. [via Discovery Inc.]

Photo By: Darryl Dobson

Photo By: Harrisburg State Hospital [via Historic Harrisburg Association]

Photo By: semi-recent photo of Cannon Memorial Hospital [via Appalachian Regional Healthcare System website]

Photo By: The TWC team investigate a massive abandoned hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi. [via Discovery Inc.]

Photo By: Randolph County Asylum [via Official Randolph County Asylum/Infirmary website]

Photo By: Eloise Asylum [via Eloise Haunted Tours]