5 Ways to Connect With Family Spirits This Holiday Season

Some believe there are spirits who guide us through life. Learn how to reach out to yours.

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If you’re missing a deceased loved one or seeking guidance as the year comes to a close, there are ways you can connect with spirits in the unseen realm.

Visit a psychic to help you speak to the other side

Psychics believe they are able to speak to spirits and relay messages to their clients from beyond the veil. The veil is “the time and space between the physical and spirit worlds” according to California Psychics, an organization of psychic mediums. By matching their energy to the energy of the targeted spirit, psychics can open a channel of communication and hear what the spirit may need to relay.

Practice mindfulness

It may not be as hard as you think to connect with a loved one who has passed on— they may have already reached out to you from beyond, according to Four Directions Wellness. For example, if your recently departed grandmother loved hummingbirds and you begin seeing more hummingbirds than usual, you can take that as a sign that she is near. Being mindful will allow you to see those signs and tiny coincidences that you can miss in the business of everyday life.

Acknowledge your spiritual guides

Humans are surrounded by a variety of spirits. Mindbodygreen says your spiritual guides can include powerful archangels, guardian angels, deceased relatives, or even helper angels. Archangels are able to assist multiple humans at a time, but our guardian angels are specifically assigned to us. Helper angels, according to mindbodygreen, step in as needed to help. Most often, humans have a combination of all those types of beings in an unseen yet supportive entourage. Some spirits stick with us throughout our entire lives, other spirits are with us only for a time to help get us through a specific situation.

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Open the doors of communication

You can communicate with the spirits that surround you by simply opening the doors and making space in your life to hear from them. You might build them a small altar, light a candle, and/or make an offering to them. Spending time meditating with the altar as you seek guidance or clarity can bring you answers if you are open to hearing from the spirits.

Journal your thoughts, wants, and needs

Communicate with the spirits by quieting your mind and writing out what you need from the spirits that surround you. According to mindbodygreen, taking time to express gratitude for the things the spirits have done in writing and then writing out what you need for them to do on your behalf can help bring your thoughts in line with what they want you to know.

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