6 Bone-Chilling Twitter Threads You Shouldn’t Read In The Dark

Leave the lights on when you binge-read these collections of short tweets that weave together months-long horror stories.

August 31, 2021
tweet that reads: So my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me thread

Scary Twitter thread [via Adam Ellis/Twitter]

Scary Twitter thread [via Adam Ellis/Twitter]

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1. Dear David

In August 2017, New York writer and illustrator Adam Ellis began seeing the ghost of a child around his apartment. Based on a dream, he believed the child was named David and that he’d died of a head injury. Ellis documented the saga over the course of several months as he caught photographic evidence of David in two apartments he lived in. David even followed him home to Montana that Christmas. It is believed that David even began to possess Ellis in early 2018.

2. The Sun Vanished

In 2018, a Twitter user claimed the sun was gone and they could hear tornado sirens, screams, and gunshots echoing through the dark. Strange humanoids looked in the windows. Neighbors disappeared, the water from the faucets took on a strange tint, and for two years, the user tweeted about a journey to find a friend and get to safety. Strange ships and strange lights were seen overhead and flickering through the windows. The tweets abruptly stopped just before Halloween in 2020. Was the user stuck in an alternate reality?

3. Tom’s Haunted Cabin

An Australian writer planned a four-day retreat to a remote cabin in Victoria, but he did not expect to be taunted by something sinister in the forest. Over the course of his trip, he reported strange sounds on the roof, mysterious package deliveries, windchimes that played without a breeze, and moths that seemed oddly fascinated with his temporary abode.

4. A Series of Terrifying Short Stories

Instead of a single story told in multiple tweets, Twitter user Priscilla shared a series of scary tales she’d collected from around the internet. Topics covered include mysterious handprints in the snow, disappearances, premonitions, and tragic coincidences. Warning: Some of these tales detail suicides or attempted suicides and may not be appropriate for all readers.

5. Madrid’s Red Monkey Mystery

In 2018, Nela García found a cell phone laying in the street in Madrid. The unlocked phone had a photo of a woman on the home screen. A Facebook account on the phone was logged into the account of Marta Gutiérrez, but the photo on the home screen wasn’t Marta, it was a woman named Beatrice who had died in the United States years before. Nela went on to discover strange messages and strings of numbers in the phone. The entire saga is in Spanish, but you can read it in English by using Twitter’s translate button.

6. Greg’s Haunted Inheritance

After his grandpa died, Twitter user Greg found himself responsible for the home of a man he’d only met once. He hadn’t been there an entire 24 hours when strange things started happening. Someone hung a triangle made of sticks and twine on the door to the house while Greg was gone to the nearest town (25 minutes away) for groceries. As Greg looked around the property, he saw more of the strange objects, and eventually uncovered a used notebook and a sweatshirt. His time in the house of horrors unfolded over the course of almost three months. His Twitter account has since gone silent.

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