Finding Bigfoot

Head out on a Bigfoot finding adventure in Northern California starting at the Bigfoot Museum. Get tips on where to go and what gear to pack.

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Some call him Sasquatch. Others call him Yeti. Whatever the name, Bigfoot continues to inspire local legends, supposed sightings and more than a few vacations. Yes, vacations. Diehard fans of this hairy humanoid never tire of chasing the ultimate good mystery: finding Bigfoot.

Over the past 6 decades, Bigfoot has allegedly been spotted in nearly every US state, though the multitude of supposed sightings suggests he favors the forested areas of the Pacific Northwest. While his existence is widely debated, this shouldn't dissuade travelers from picking up the scent of his trail. Let the hunt begin!

Bigfoot Hunt: Keep Eyes (and Nose!) Open
You obviously have to know what you're looking to find first. General Bigfoot descriptions indicate that he walks upright and is between 6 and 10-feet tall. He’s also very hairy with brown or reddish fur (depending on who you ask), and he's no Cinderella; his feet measure up to 2-feet long. Apparently Bigfoot is also a stinker; a foul odor supposedly lingers in the wake of his presence.

Northern California: Bigfoot’s Stomping Grounds
Bigfoot is a bit of a lone beast. Granted, his reclusive nature does make it a bit of challenge to spot him. Still, sightings and evidence of Bigfoot activity remain high in several hot button areas -- none more than Northern California.

Tucked within Northern California's Trinity National Forest, the tiny town of Willow Creek has been the subject of numerous Bigfoot sightings over the decades. Naturally, it’s also a mecca for Bigfoot seekers. Make a mandatory pit stop at the Bigfoot Museum to see Bigfoot hair, photos and video that allegedly captures images of the beast, as well as plaster casts of Bigfoot’s footprints. The cast collection comes from Bob Titmus, a Bigfoot true believer in his day. Also check out old articles, donated by locals, including multiple 1958 news clips that feature life-size snapshots of Bigfoot's footprints.

Then set out on your Bigfoot hunt! Explore the region with a drive along the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, a 4-hour drive through Klamath National Forest. The 89-mile road starts in Willow Creek and follows the Klamath and Trinity Rivers, which offer a scenic backdrop as drivers meander the byway through densely packed forests and fields.

Stop along the way at the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, the largest reservation in California, where Bigfoot sightings were first reported in 1958. Continue north to Weitchpec, CA; there have been many sightings along this stretch of the Byway so be sure to pop out of the car and explore the surrounding woods and riverbeds -- you never know where that wily Sasquatch might be lurking.

Keep following the Byway to the tiny town of Happy Camp, in Siskiyou County, CA, and look for the Elk Creek Bridge, a 405-foot bridge over the Klamath River; the forested area around and below the bridge is another hotbed of beastly activity.

At night, rest your weary bones at the Bigfoot Campground, a family resort and campground, just off the Bigfoot Scenic Byway. The campground offers basic creature comforts such as a small general store, private cabins with kitchens and bathrooms, RV and tent sites.

Bigfoot Hunting Gear
No one wants to look the part of a newbie when they set out on Bigfoot’s trail, so it's best to get properly geared up before your trip. Bigfoot hunting equipment includes: a camera set to the highest resolution (ideally 12 megapixels), a high definition camcorder, binoculars, cell phones or walkie talkies (if traveling in a group and splitting up), GPS units for the directionally challenged, plaster of Paris (and a ruler for taking footprint castings and measurements), snacks and water, flashlights (in case you stay out past dusk), comfortable trail shoes and warm clothing. Bigfoot has copious fur to brave the chilly Northern California night, but you'll want a fleece.

Now that you know what to look for in the woods of Northern California, the Bigfoot search is on. Your chance to help solve the mystery of the beast's existence and to become the next great contributor to the Bigfoot Museum is only a mere hunting vacation away.

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