Ghost Hunter Survives 20-foot Fall During An Investigation At An Abandoned Train Station

A ghost hunter in Buffalo, New York, was taken to the hospital after falling 20 feet at the defunct Buffalo Central Terminal in the city’s Broadway-Fillmore district.

September 07, 2021
Buffalo New York's abandoned central terminal.

Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo, New York

Photo by: Joshua Routh via Getty Images

Joshua Routh via Getty Images

Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo, New York

A ghost hunter in Buffalo, New York, was taken to the hospital after falling 20 feet at the defunct Buffalo Central Terminal in the city’s Broadway-Fillmore district.

According to the Huffington Post, the 35-year-old woman and a male companion were searching for paranormal activity when the woman fell through a section of the roof. The pair was reportedly on the property without permission at the time of the fall. She was taken to a local hospital by ambulance to be treated for her injuries. Her companion was unscathed.

The art deco train station first opened in 1929 and was designed to accommodate 200 trains and 10,000 passengers daily. Rail travel was in its heyday at the time, and the station bustled with activity as passengers enjoyed the restaurant, soda fountain, and shops in the terminal. The station was busiest during its first two decades of operation until automobile and air travel became the more common ways for Americans to travel in the 1950s. The station operated until 1979 and fell into disrepair.

Terminal Ghosts

The terminal, which includes a 17-story tower, has long been considered a hotbed of paranormal activity. The building, which is now owned by a non-profit dedicated to its restoration, occasionally opens to paranormal investigators who have documented a variety of spirits on the property.

During WWII, the station buzzed with families saying goodbye to soldiers being deployed to fight in the war. It was also the place where many of those same families came to claim the remains of their fallen soldiers. Some of those soldiers and family members still haunt the platforms where they departed and the baggage claim they came home to.

Because the building was abandoned for so long after its closing, it was common for the homeless to seek shelter from the brutal Buffalo winters. Unfortunately, some succumbed to the frigid temperatures and froze to death, according to the Buffalo Review. Those spirits are said to roam the property too.

Paranormal investigator Jessica Kelly wrote for Stepout Buffalo that she encountered the ghost of Rose when she toured the station. Kelly also wrote that she saw the spirits of two small children during her investigation.

Interested in touring the historical station and finding the spirits for yourself? Keep an on the calendar of events at Buffalo Central Terminal for details on when to visit.

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