The Most Haunted Places Around the North Pole

The Christmas magic lasts year-round in North Pole, Alaska, but the area is harboring some spirits that have nothing to do with the holidays.

Photo Taken In North Pole, United States at night green lights in the sky trees snow

Photo by: Nicole Baldwin / EyeEm via Getty Images

Nicole Baldwin / EyeEm via Getty Images

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The Fowler family was excited about their new home in North Pole, Alaska, where every day is Christmas. Husband and wife Keith and Laurie, along with their teenage daughter, Meghan, moved in just as winter was approaching in 2009. It was set to be a beautiful holiday season, but it quickly became obvious that they weren’t alone in their new home.

Laurie and Meghan soon realized there was something off about the house. Laurie would awaken at night hearing footsteps in the hall outside her bedroom or breathing in her ear. Meghan began hearing knocking and scratching on her bedroom door when no one was there.

Then, the visual phenomena began. Meghan began seeing a figure cross the room out of the corner of her eye. At least once, they heard the blood-curdling sound of a girl shrieking. They heard whispers at night. The paranormal activity continued to escalate, and it zeroed in on Meghan.

After a social media post, someone reached out to Laurie to tell her the truth about what had happened in their home so many years before. The spirit? A teenage boy who had died accidentally after one unfortunate mistake during a fight with his sister.

The family was able to get the spirit to leave them alone by getting rid of a seemingly innocuous object.

More Mysteries in the Alaska Triangle

North Pole is within the Alaska Triangle, where there seems to be an unusual amount of mysteries involving paranormal activity and missing people. Perhaps it’s the vast forests, snowy wasteland, or the months-long darkness of winter that lend Alaska its rugged mysteriousness, but there are some things that just can’t be explained about the Last Frontier state.

While the gold rush is generally associated with the Old West, Alaska had its own gold rush. The town of Skagway, located about 100 miles north of Juneau, popped up in the late 1800s as part of the Klondike gold rush. Unlike so many other gold towns, Skagway never died. Instead, it thrives as a tourist town where the gold-rush ghosts linger. The Red Onion Saloon operated as a bar and brothel during the gold rush and is now a restaurant. The ladies of the night, however, apparently still remain. The employees at the saloon hear footsteps and have seen apparitions watering plants. The smell of perfume wafts through the upstairs halls where the girls worked.

In Juneau, the Alaskan Hotel is harboring a few ghosts too. Alice is perhaps the most famous ghost in that part of the Alaskan Triangle. She originally stayed in the hotel with her husband in the early 1900s, but she was forced into prostitution to survive after he left. Today, she is still seen around the room where she died, and she’s been known to steal towels from rooms and move objects from one place to another.

Need more stories of ghosts from the Last Frontier? Check out Alaska Hauntings on discovery+.

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