Creepy Surveillance Video Appears To Show Ghost Child Playing In Hotel

When the living are away, the dead will play.

July 21, 2021

Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas [via Discovery Inc.]

Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas [via Discovery Inc.]

A video from a room at a reportedly haunted Texas hotel is footage of a child’s ghost, according to owner Erin Ghedi.

Ghedi and her husband, Jim, own the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas, a small town about 35 miles northeast of San Antonio. Ghedi posted a 24-second video to the hotel’s Facebook page.

“We bought our little spirits two new toys and they loved them!” Ghedi’s post said in part.

The video shows two rem pods light up and a ball roll across the floor. Rem pods are tools used by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. The small devices can emit an electro-magnetic field around themselves and provide a conduit for spirits to communicate with investigators.

To learn more about this hotel's haunted history, stream the "Magnolia Hotel" episode of Ghost Brothers on discovery+.

A shadowy figure is then seen passing through the room, and the hem of a dress on a dress form appears to be disturbed.

Ghedi told San Antonio’s KSAT that the ghost rolling the ball is a child named Emma, who was murdered in her bedroom in 1874, and the shadow figure is the ghost of an adult woman who seems to look after the child.

Murder at the Magnolia

The Magnolia Hotel got its start as a small two-room cabin in 1840. After the original owner was murdered, the cabin became a stagecoach station and was later expanded to add a three-room hotel at the back of the property. In the mid 1850s, three buildings on the property were combined into one large hotel and later converted into an apartment building. The building was abandoned in the late 1990s and sat vacant until the Ghedis bought the property and began restoring the hotel in 2013.

The Ghedis live on the bottom floor, and the entire second story of the hotel can be booked for amateur ghost hunters to interact with the dozens of spirits Ghedi says occupies the property.

The hotel is featured on the Texas Horror Hotel episode of Ghost Adventures. To join Zak Bagans and the crew on their haunted stay, start streaming full episodes now on discovery+.

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