Hosts' Favorite Halloween Attractions

From frightening attractions like 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, LA, to something more lighthearted like a pumpkin patch in Moorpark, CA, see our hosts' picks for their favorite Halloween attractions.

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"My favorite Halloween attraction on earth is Walt Disney World. On select nights in the Magic Kingdom park, it has Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and those are the only nights of the year when you can trick-or-treat in the park itself. The highlight, of course, is the villains’ parade, which begins with the Headless Horseman riding through the park as all the lights go out. This year, he stopped right in front of our whole family in between howls of fearful delight from my son and his cousins." - Andrew Zimmern

"About 30 miles outside of Philadelphia sits one of the creepiest and downright scariest places one can go to, especially during Halloween. Shut down in 1986, after over 75 years in operation, the facility was ordered to be closed because of allegations of neglect and abuse of its patients. It was left to rot until it was opened back up a few years ago by some folks who wanted to capitalize on its history. They fixed it up and brought it to life as a Halloween attraction. The special effects and actors and actresses will get the hair on the back of your neck to rise up and stay there. You won't be sure what will come around the next corner, but my advice is to watch your back, because inside Pennhurst, you are not alone!" - Anthony Melchiorri

"My favorite location to visit for Halloween is Chappell Farms in Barrie Ontario. I love the pumpkin patch the hayrides and spending time with my children. Our kids love picking out their own pumpkins. While at the farm I also pick pie and soup pumpkins to grill and cook." - Danielle Dimovski

"Best and most frightening Halloween attraction? Mom's basement horror show. No one enjoyed Halloween more than my mother, who'd set up a cardboard coffin in the cold cellar and take the kids down in the dark, instructing them to place their hands inside the coffin. They'd squeal as they fondled the bowl of peeled grapes ("Eyeballs!"), then cold spaghetti ("Intestines!!") and crooked sticks ("Bones!!!"). Kind of an innocent thing you could still do back in the '70s and not get arrested." - Don Wildman

"I'm lucky enough to live a short train ride away from the New York town of Sleepy Hollow. Yes, it’s a real place. And when Halloween rolls around, this quaint village of lovely people likes to continue its haunted, ghoulish reputation started by the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane. There’s a haunted cemetery walk and a reading of the famous Legend of Sleepy Hollow (complete with creepy organ music), but the most hair-raising event that took my screams from loud to blood-curdling is the Horseman’s Hollow, which is a haunted trail that could be on Fear Factor. Let’s just say it’s not suitable for children — under 20." - Samantha Brown

"My favorite Halloween experience is the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. I love a good scary movie, so it's neat to go to Universal, because you actually feel like you are part of a horror film! It is always fun to go with people who are new to Halloween Horror Nights, because you get to see them jump. Even as a veteran visitor, there is always something new to experience every Halloween!" - Shane Green

"My favorite Halloween attraction is the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Oaxaca, Mexico. It may not technically be a Halloween celebration, but Halloween is my favorite holiday, and this is the best Oct. 31 I've ever had. Not only is this a colorful city surrounded by natural beauty (the Stone Waterfalls) and history (ruins of Monte Alban), but it's a mecca for those looking to celebrate life and death in a way that goes far beyond getting dressed up and collecting candy." - Shane Reynolds

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