Legends of Alcatraz Pictures

Alcatraz Prison was once the site of violent battles, torturous living conditions and many escape attempts. Now it’s the subject of reports of hauntings and stories of sea beasts.
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A prisoner can't wait to get to the other side of the bars.

A shot of Alcatraz from the water.

Two prisoners plot their escape in the lunchroom.

Lee Ehrlich, a paranormal diver, discusses his plans for the sea serpent investigation that he will conduct underwater.

Investigator Jackie Ganiy searches the docks of Alcatraz.

Brothers Bob and Bill Clark search the waters for the sea serpent.

Paranormal investigator Jeff Dwyer prepares for his search with the help of Terry Brown.

Louis Powell and Lee Ehrlich view sea serpent footage with witnesses Bill and Bob Clark.

An interior view of Alcatraz.

One of the many creepy hallways of Alcatraz.

Actor Kenneth Feragen holds the kind of rope that so many prisoners used in their suicides.

Crew members Terry Brown, Matt Parkinson, Brandon Todesca and John Whelchel run -- dressed as escaped prisoners -- through the Sutro Forest.

Rex Bell, a witness of the ghosts of the Sutro Forest in San Francisco.

Jennifer Brown recounts her experience with the ghosts at the docks of Alcatraz.

The dive team works on their equipment for the sea serpent search.

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