Legends of the Ozarks

Legends of the Ozarks investigates the strange creatures and mysterious happenings in the backwoods of this isolated region of America.
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The Ozark Mountains are shrouded in mystery and home to puzzling stories of the strange and unexplained. One of those stories is of the half-human, half-ape "Missouri Monster" ("Momo," for short). Robert E. Ziel prepares for a night investigation to try to spot this mysterious creature in the woods.

D.W. Lee uses special equipment to try and capture the Momo's vocalizations during their nighttime investigation.

Deb and Beverly grew up near the haunted Wilson Creek Battlefield. They never believed the stories until they had their own encounter.

The Ray House was a battlefield hospital during the Civil War. Many local residents have reportedly had encounters with ghosts of soldiers around the house.

Members of the Ozarks Paranormal Society investigate the Ray House and make contact with what they believe is the ghost of Nathaniell Lyon -- the first Union general to be killed in the American Civil War. This headstone marks where Lyon was killed in the Battle of Wilson's Creek.

Another local legend is that of the Ozark Howler. The purportedly massive panther-like creature gets its name from its frightening sound -- a mix between a wolf’s howl and an elk’s bugle. Randy Hillard and Shane Stephens say they've heard the sound. They prepare for an investigation of the Howler.

Another local, Larry Sifford, says his family has encountered the Howler. He talks about the Ozark Howler in an interview.

Ryan and Larry Sifford prepare for their night investigation of the Ozark Howler.

One of the biggest puzzles of the Ozarks is the Hornet Spooklight, a mysterious light of unknown origin that unexpectedly as a ball of fire in varying sizes. Many have claimed to have seen it at night on this road.

Julie Carver, Debbie Miller and Shayna Carver from the Clay County Paranormal Research Society say they've captured video of the Spooklight. They talk about their most successful paranormal search.

Brian Lile and the rest of the Missouri Ghost Hunters try and make contact with the Spooklight using a laser.

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