Paranormal Paparazzi: Teen Exorcism Squad Pictures

The Paranormal Paparazzi reporters interview the Team Exorcism Squad and investigate new reports of a “Lizard Man” in Bishopville, SC.
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Inspired by a high schooler’s article about shadow people haunting her school, reporter Branden Wellington travels to the great state of South Dakota to see these shadows firsthand. He visits Dakota Valley High School in North Sioux City, SD, to hear eyewitness accounts.

Reporter Joshua P. Warren takes to the streets of Bishopville, SC, where -- since 1988 -- residents have reported all sorts of strange encounters with a mysterious beast they call the “Lizard Man.”

Joshua P. Warren interviews Sheriff Liston Truesdale in Bishopville, SC, about the Lizard Man.

Joshua P. Warren shoots video where the first attack by the Lizard Man was reported on June 29, 1988.

Paranormal investigator Scott Gruenwald talks to the Teen Exorcist Squad at their home office in Arizona.

Joshua P. Warren talks with Sheriff Liston Truesdale and Sheriff Daniel Simon at Scape Ore Swamp, where the infamous Lizard Man is said to live.

Members of the Teen Exorcist Squad of Scottsdale, AZ, explain to Scott how they perform exorcisms.

Joshua P. Warren holds a casting of a Lizard Man footprint.

Sheriff Liston Truesdale shows Joshua P. Warren photos of the damage that Bishopville residents have reported.

Joshua P. Warren and Sheriff Daniel Simon visit the home of Bob and Dixie Rawson, who reported damage to their car and strange traces of blood on their property back in 2008.

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