Top 10 Haunted Hotels in America

Spend a night with some legendary ghosts -- Marilyn Monroe and Sid Vicious, to name a few -- in the country's most famous haunted hotels.

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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Marilyn Monroe is thought to be one of many restless spirits that haunt Hollywood's glamorous Hotel Roosevelt, where she lived for two years while her modeling career was taking off. Other reports of cold spots, photographic orbs and mysterious phone calls to the hotel operator add to its mystique.

Stanley Hotel

Colorado's Stanley Hotel spooked horror master Stephen King and inspired the setting for "The Shining." Want to go on your own "spooky sojourn?" Brave one of the Stanley Hotel's ghost tours, including a five-hour ghost hunt and popular night tour.

Hotel Chelsea

There are plenty of famous guests and ghosts at New York's Hotel Chelsea, including Dylan Thomas (who died of pneumonia while staying here in 1953) and Sid Vicious (who's girlfriend was stabbed to death here in 1978).

La Fonda

The spirits of Santa Fe's Old West are said to inhabit La Fonda's lobby and bar, including the Honorable John P. Slough who was shot to death in the hotel lobby and a distraught salesman who leapt to his death outside the gambling hall.

Logan Inn

Built in 1722 as a tavern, the Logan Inn and its spirits are legendary in the Colonial-era town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Aspiring ghost hunters should request Room 6, also known as Emily's room. The mother of a former owner of the building, Emily's lavender perfume and soft crying at night have been detected by guests.

The Equinox

Constructed in 1769, The Equinox in Vermont was a favorite of Abe Lincoln's family and is said to be haunted by Honest Abe's beloved wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.

Queen Mary

A 1930s cruise liner that's docked in Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary offers numerous ghost-hunting tours and paranormal investigations onboard for its guests. It became known as "the haunted ship" after numerous disasters, including a split hull that left few survivors.

Crescent Hotel

Guests have reported strange occurrences and sightings while staying in the Crescent Hotel, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Its newest tour allows guests to hear Ozark Mountain ghost stories around a flickering campfire and visit the morgue at midnight.

The Myrtles Plantation

Deep in the heart of Louisiana's Voodoo land, The Myrtles Plantation is believed to be one of America's most haunted houses. Over 12 ghosts have been rumored to haunt the plantation, the most famous being a former slave wearing a green turban named Chloe.

Hotel Provincial

Guests at New Orleans' Hotel Provincial, a former Confederate hospital, have reported sightings of Civil War soldiers and surgeons as well as blood stains appearing and disappearing on the bedding of some rooms.

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