New UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Can Visit

UNESCO World Heritage added 19 new sites for 2018, and although each one is worth writing about, here are our top 10 picks for places to add to your ever-growing travel bucket list. (Plus see our 10 favorite sites added in 2016.) Getting to some of these spots isn’t easy, but few things that are worthwhile ever are.

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Photo By: Shutterstock/Konrad Weiss

Photo By: Shutterstock/Paul Prescott

Photo By: Shutterstock/ALBA PEREZ ENRIQUEZ

Photo By: Shutterstock/Tian Ye

Photo By: Shutterstock/Kan Khampanya

Photo By: Shutterstock/Kylie Nicholson

Photo By: Thomas Marent/ Minden Pictures

Photo By: Nigel Pavitt

Photo By: Barrett & MacKay

Photo By: Richard I'Anson