Travel Channel Hosts' Holiday Wish Lists

We asked our hosts to share what was on their holiday wish list for Santa this year. Here's what they said!

Photo By: © Logan Mock-Bunting

A new car. :) My Honda Fit keeps getting run over with us in it, so I think we should get a new/used, larger vehicle. :)
- Amy Allan

1) Go Pro HD mini cam with monitor
2) Apron from
3) Leather kniferoll wrap for keeping my cooking gear handy on the road
4) New iPad
5) Immersion Circulator
6) Vacuum Seal Machine
7) New iPhone
8) Pair of killer handmade vintage cowboy boots
9) Guitar lessons at the local shop
10) Home Entertainment Tech Guru house call to help us untangle, set up and streamline all our digital media
-Andrew Zimmern

Andy didn't have a wish list. Looks like he will be spending the holidays with family like his mom. Notice the resemblance?

I don’t like to ask for too much at Xmas. I really do stand by the motto, “better to give than receive.” Nonetheless, if the following were under the tree I would not return them.
1) A NEW BIKE! A Linus Roadster please.
2) A NEW CAMERA. Something portable in a pouch on my belt or it’ll never be used enough.
3) PENDLETON BLANKET. I’d like to own the whole National Parks Collection. Alas only have Acadia and it’s covered in cat hair!
4) GO-PRO VIDEO PACKAGE. I use the little cameras all the time on Off Limits and have kinda fallen in love with the image produced.
-Don Wildman

1) Trek Madone carbon fiber road bike (I wrecked & ruined my 13 year old Trek this year)
2) The ultimate fleece that doesn't cook me when worn inside but keeps the wind out & core warm when things get blustery around here.
3) A better pair of socks, with a bit of wool in them, but thin, warm, wicking...and kind of groovy looking.
4) Nikon D5000 camera
- Joe Bechtold

1) Books. Always and forever, digital or physical, I don't care, just gimme books. Books that blow my hair back and sweep me away and change the way I see the world.
2) A new suitcase. My trusty old bag is falling apart. She's logged a lot of miles.
3) A long-seasoned heirloom of a cast-iron skillet. Truly magical cast-iron is a generation in the making--it takes a lot of meals and oil and love.
4) This is a terrible idea, but after playing the guitar with a band in Seattle, I kinda want one. The problem is that I could practice for 70 years and still not be able to play Old McDonald.
-Marcus Sakey

For my family to be safe & healthy, which is the best gift of all ... I get asked every year what I want for Xmas and it's always the same response, NOTHING ... I get more happiness from the gifts I give my family. -Steve Di Schiavi

Well, I don't have one. But I am organizing a New Year's party in Portugal with my boyfriend and another European Sand Sculptor, and I have been wishing to do that for months now. - Sue McGrew (girl on the right; with her mom and siblings)

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