12 Unique Places to Spend Thanksgiving

Whether you’re flying solo, a party of 2 or traveling with relatives in tow, Thanksgiving is about making memories. We chose 12 unique spots guaranteed to serve up a stress-free experience.

Photo By: Courtesy of Motu Teta

Photo By: Jon Whittle

Photo By: Courtesy of Motu Teta

Photo By: Courtesy of Plimouth Plantation

Photo By: Courtesy of Plimouth Plantation

Photo By: Courtesy of Casa Marina

Photo By: Courtesy of Casa Marina

Photo By: Courtesy of Casa Marina

Photo By: Courtesy from Belle Mont Farm


Photo By: Courtesy of Belle Mont Farm

Photo By: Courtesy of La Posada

Photo By: Courtesy of Inn & Spa at Loretto

Photo By: Courtesy of New York Hilton Midtown

Photo By: Courtesy of New York Hilton Midtown

Photo By: Courtesy of Bell, Book & Candle

Photo By: Courtesy of Bell, Book & Candle

Photo By: Evan Sung

Photo By: Evan Sung

Photo By: Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

Photo By: Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

Photo By: Raif Fluker

Photo By: Courtesy of Hotel Zamora

Motu Teta, Tahiti

Want to get as far away from your relatives as possible? We suggest booking Tahiti’s Motu Teta, a private island located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean on the Rangiroa atoll. Activities include doing absolutely nothing (one of our favorite pastimes) or a more adventurous midnight lobster hunt. But don’t get too attached to Mr. Crusty because your private staff will prepare and serve him as your Thanksgiving meal beachside.

Your Own Private Archipelago

Spend the day snorkeling, diving or just relaxing. Not even your Aunt Edna’s bloodhound can find you on Motu Teta. Once your family sees the vacation photos surely they won’t begrudge your escape.

Room for Two or More

Should you be guilted into bringing along any family, such as your children, you’ll have enough room for up to 10. The island’s accommodations include a private bungalow and a larger main villa, both with sweeping verandas. Otherwise, wash those relatives right out of your hair.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Those looking to kick it Old School will want to plan a visit to Plymouth, the town that symbolizes our national tradition of giving thanks and eating our faces off. Spend your day at Plimouth Plantation with role-playing pilgrims who reenact events from 17th-century life. The plantation is open from March to the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Plantation Vacation

For Thanksgiving there is a seated dinner as well as a serve-yourself buffet with reservations starting in June. If you can’t book a table there are a plenty of other things to do at Plimouth Plantation such as taking a ride on the Mayflower II, a reproduction of one of the ships that landed at Plymouth in 1620. Or pay a visit to the Wampanoag Homesite, a living museum where you are hosted exclusively by Native People descended from Wampanoag and other Native Nations. 

Casa Marina, Key West

As hosts of the International Sand Art Competition, Casa Marina launched a unique Thanksgiving tradition befitting of the quirky town that Ernest Hemingway once called home. Each year artists from all over the world create breathtaking sculptures right on the sandy shores of the Waldorf Astoria property.

Castles of Sand

Veteran sculptor Marianne van den Broek founded the competition, which unites artists from places such as Mexico, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States. Guests of Casa Marina with beachfront balconies can watch the sculptures take shape all weekend long.

Key West’s Best

The Spa al Maré at Casa Marina will be open on Thanksgiving Day and for this we give thanks.

Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts

The Thanksgiving Feast at the Farm is one of the coolest holiday excursions we uncovered. Located on the island of St. Kitts, Belle Mont Farm will host a farm-to-table dinner with over 90 percent of the meal’s ingredients sourced directly from the farm. One- to four-bedroom cottages are available and the experience is all-inclusive.

Sing for Your Supper

The Belle Mont Farm Feast is held at a gorgeous table in the middle of the property’s organic farm. Guests are both welcome and encouraged to forage for the meal’s bounty alongside the chefs, farmers and fellow travelers. 

Chef Tell

The Belle Mont Farm chefs and farmers will be on hand to help you enjoy your holiday meal and even discuss the ingredients. Expect a lesson in sustainability and organic farming as well, lessons we can all benefit from and for which to be thankful. 

La Posada, Santa Fe

Not only do we like the idea of having someone else doing the cooking, but we also like the thought of spending our holiday in a place known for its peaceful surroundings. La Posada in Santa Fe is steps from the capital city’s Historic Square and is partly housed in a structure dating back to the 1880s. Thanksgiving visitors can expect menu offerings with a southwestern flare.

Inn & Spa at Loretto, Santa Fe

Chef Marc Quinones creates incredibly tasty dishes for his guests at Luminaria all year using the freshest ingredients from Santa Fe’s local farmers markets. Holiday guests can choose to indulge in brunch or a prix-fixe dinner in the inn’s peaceful and serene dining room. With temperatures dropping, there could be snow on the ground just in time for your arrival.

New York’s Midtown Hilton

Forget sitting out in the cold! The New York Hilton Midtown has your ringside seat for all the action of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

A Suite of Sweets

This Manhattan hotel, located directly on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade route, is creating an all-chocolate suite featuring delicacies from truffles and beignets to macaroons by the hotel’s pastry chef as well as master chocolatier, Jacques Torres. They’re also hosting classic, holiday movie screenings in the ballroom and a photo booth complete with holiday-themed props.

Bell Book & Candle

More than ever, people want to know where their food is sourced. Diners at the Bell Book & Candle need only to look up. Many of the vegetables, fruits and herbs served by Chef John Mooney are grown in hydroponic towers six stories up, on the rooftop of the West Village eatery. Not only will BBC be open on Thanksgiving, but locals can also order to-go meals.

Tower of Power

The food at Manhattan’s Bell Book & Candle is so fresh you might want to slap it. We recommend eating it. And in glorious New York tradition, you can order takeaway and tell everyone you made it yourself. 


Talk about soul food. We love the idea of a collard green salad and roasted turkey marinated in sugar brine, served up with a side of live music. Located in Harlem, legendary Minton’s recently experienced a rebirth and the venue was restored to its former glory.

Jazz Hands

For Thanksgiving, Minton’s Harlem will host 3 seatings, all accompanied by live music. If you can’t make the trek for Turkey Day we highly recommend adding this legendary spot to your New York must-see list. 

Wynn Las Vegas

The City of Sin is better known for over-the-top decadence, so it may come as a surprise that Steve Wynn, proprietor of the Wynn Las Vegas, takes a special interest in vegetarian and vegan options on all of his menus. He also has included a low-calorie menu at all of his restaurants as well.


We have it on good authority that Costa di Mare in the Wynn is the place to eat. The menu boasts fresh, flown-in seafood as well as tasty vegan options. It all sounds like a win-win to us.

Hotel Zamora

The Hotel Zamora is the first brand-spanking-new hotel to be built in St. Pete Beach, Florida, in 20 years. The Mediterranean-inspired property features a private marina and new 360-degree rooftop lounge with stunning oceanfront views. We suggest ordering up a Thanksgiving picnic basket from the resort’s award-winning restaurant Castile and have it served poolside.

Sandwiches by the Seashore

Want a turkey waffle sandwich served to you on the beach? So do we! How about one with fresh oven-roasted turkey breast topped with Grand Marnier cranberry compote? The meal also comes with roasted butternut squash, a Neuske-bacon-and-brussels-sprout salad, a bottle of wine and chocolate, sea-salt truffles. If the tryptophan hasn’t taken over, take a sunset dolphin-watching cruise, which departs from the property’s private marina or have cocktails on the rooftop bar. Put the fun back in dysfunctional. 

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