The Vacations We Wish Santa Would Bring Us

Our editors weigh in on the trips we wish Santa would bring us if we could go anywhere in the world on his dime. We've been good this year!

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The Bahamas

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a beach trip, so I’d love a vacation at Musha Cay, an ultra-exclusive, private-island resort in the Bahamas owned by illusionist David Copperfield. There are only five guest houses available, ranging from a 10,000-square-foot main house to a cozy thatched-roof cottage, and a maximum of 24 people can stay at the resort at any one time. Starting at $39,000 a day, it’s a little out of my price range, but maybe Santa can help me out! - Shannon Petrie, Managing Editor

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Santa doesn’t have to go far from home for this one — I’d be coming to him. Kakslauttanen Artic Resort, located in Finnish Lapland just 250 km from the Arctic Circle, allows you to step inside Santa’s home + workshop. (There’s real-life reindeer, too! And a sleigh. Obviously.)

Beyond the holiday cheer, there’s an even more magical reason to visit this cold-weather destination, though: The far-North location makes it ideal for viewing the stunning light show that is the Arora Borealis, and glass-topped igloos make for an ideal viewing spot. Once you’re on-site, sledding, skiing and, of course, plenty of fireside time are on activities list. At 650 euros per night for the igloos, the experience doesn’t come cheap, but I know Santa will come through. - Liz Gray, Senior Editor

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I’ve been pining for an unplugged, tropical, health-centric getaway. Goop recently released their annual gift guide, and this trip to Kamalaya Resort in Thailand instantly appealed to me. Santa and I are on pretty good terms, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gifted me a seven-night-stay in this private beachside villa with a personal yoga package as a bonus. - Molly Miller, Apple News Editor


But I’d also settle for this yoga retreat in the south of France (complete with a trip to the lavender fields!) if my first option falls through. - Molly Miller, Apple News Editor


Dear Santa, Please do what you can and put a trip to Italy under my Christmas tree. I'm longing to savor incredible food (and promise not to pay attention to carbs for the duration of my trip), find style inspiration in the fashion-forward denizens of Milan and Rome, contemplate the masterworks of art history in Venice and Florence and bask in all of that glorious history on every street corner. - Felicia Feaster, Managing Editor

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While I've been to the Maldives once before, I did it on a budget; I stayed in a simple hotel on an island inhabited by locals, took a local ferry and ate at simple beachside grills. So, if money was no object, I'd visit the Maldives again and live in the lap of luxury! I would stay at one of those outrageously expensive resorts with the over-water bungalows, indulge myself with the finest cuisine, cooked with love by a private chef, and travel from atoll to atoll by private seaplane. - Oneika Raymond, Host of Big City, Little Budget

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Maldives (Private Island, Voavah)

Dear Santa,

Please bring me and my fam an all-expensive paid trip to this private island in the Maldives. It’s all we want, we won’t ask for anything else. It’s called Voavah, and it’s just a little 5-acre, 7-bedroom tropical island in the middle of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Indian Ocean. It’ll be so good for the kids to enjoy nature on the white-powder beach, in the turquoise water and when they go snorkeling around the beautiful coral reefs. We promise to take very good care of the island’s private 62-foot yacht and all the water-sport toys. We’ll try not to overindulge on the amazing Four Seasons cuisine, and I promise won’t hog all the spa services to myself. Please, Santa, please. - Jacquelyn McGilvray, Managing Editor


If money weren’t an issue, my vote would be for Santa to bring me some sort of private sailing trip either around the Mediterranean, like Croatia and Greece. - Alisha Bube, Product Designer

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If Santa would cover the bill, I’d love to stay at the first hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva. The Royal Suite features Versailles-like decor, a private terrace overlooking the city and Lake Geneva and a spa-like bathroom covered in marble. Even though I would probably never want to leave the suite, I’d make time to go skiing in the Swiss Alps, eat all of the Swiss chocolate and explore historic sites like Chillion Castle. — Laura James, Assistant Editor

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