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You're sure to arrive in style with our picks for first-class travel.

By: Jennifer Plum Auvil

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Gary Blakeley

These swanky modes of transportation promise the utmost in luxury by rail, road, air and sea. Whether you ride the Orient-Express or kick back in a luxury RV, you're sure to arrive in style with our picks for first-class travel.

Saleen S7
There's nary a clunker to be found in the $4-million fleet of rentals available at Gotham Dream Cars. With locations in New York and Miami, this car rental spot provides swanky drivers with top cars including Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis. The Saleen S7 may be the best of the bunch with its racecar aesthetics, 550 horsepower and $400,000 price tag. You can test-drive this baby for the week for just $20,000.

9 World Wonders
Serious jet setters can knock out each of the world's famed 9 wonders in 1 trip with luxury tour outfitter Abercrombie & Kent. A customized 757 takes continent-hopping guests from Machu Picchu and Easter Island to the Egyptian pyramids and everywhere in between. Travelers pay $89,900 for 26 days of expert guides, delicious meals and the best hotels on the planet.

His Majesty's Coaches
When the typical tour bus just won't do, discerning divas hit the tour circuit with His Majesty Luxury Coaches. These wheeled mini-mansions fit up to 12 guests with private bunks and comfy lounge areas to unwind and watch a flat-screen TV. The $1,400 per day price tag promises privacy and convenience for traveling performers who call the road home most of the year.

Airship Ventures takes passengers on an unforgettable tour of the San Francisco coastline. Floating at 1,300 feet, the Zeppelin moves gracefully through the air with speeds hovering around a leisurely 35 mph. The blimp-like airship floats as gracefully as a hot-air balloon except with a controlled flight pattern. You can even feel the wind on your face as the windows open enough to catch a cool breeze and take even cooler pictures of the City by the Bay or Big Sur.

Talon Air
Talon Air allows guests to customize an itinerary and invite up to 12 business associates or friends to buckle up in the best of the fleet, the Talon Air Gulfstream 4. Bypassing the harried masses and long lines associated with commercial flights will set travelers back roughly $10,000 an hour. And if you can't break the habit of arriving to the airport early, that's no problem. The hangar's VIP waiting area in Farmingdale, NY, is plush and often empty as flight delays are rare when flying the friendly skies aboard a private jet.

Orient Express
A ride aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express from Bangkok to Singapore harkens back to the golden period of train travel. The train stretches nearly 1/4 mile long with elegant restaurant carriages, 66 perfectly appointed rooms and a wide expanse of oversized windows perfect for taking in the scenery. An added bonus? The Observation Car, located at the end of the train, offers an outdoor viewing area offering unmatched vistas of Southeast Asia.

Queen Mary 2
The Queen Mary 2 is the pinnacle of luxury cruising. Every night is formal night as jackets are required and classic cocktail gowns and sparkly bling are the norm in the ship's elegant dining room. The trip from New York to London gives you just 6 days at sea to cram in every onboard experience like the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, 5 swimming pools and the planetarium.

The Olga
For $70,000, you can head to the destination of your choice with an intimate handpicked group of friends aboard the Olga with Rikki Davis Yacht Charters. This 121-foot private yacht is equipped for partying and playtime with scuba gear, jet skis, on-deck Jacuzzi and even 2 on-staff masseurs. The ship's 5 staterooms compare to the greatest suites on land and feature granite and marble bathrooms, steam showers and flat-screen TVs.

Virginia City
Railroad buffs can forgo the crowds and hitch a ride aboard the private rail car Virginia City. This opulent train car has been riding the rails since 1955 and still retains its old-school glamour. There's even a working gas fireplace to set the perfect ambience for romance on the railroad. Prices run up to $5,000 a day for the accommodations and private crew to tend to your group's needs.

Singapore Air Suite
On Singapore Air, you'll want to be bumped to "suites class" to experience the utmost in luxury aboard a commercial airliner. In addition to a seat, your ticket gets you an actual bed -- or even a double bed -- behind closed doors. The bedding and PJs are designed by Givenchy and the food and wine are created with the seal of approval from celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey. You won't find this flight on discounted travel sites -- a round-trip flight from Singapore to London is just under $10,000.

Marathon Coach
Luxury takes to the highway in a lavishly tricked-out Marathon Coach RV. When you purchase this RV, you can customize with every convenience of home including 4 high-definition TVs, a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and spacious closets. There's a price to pay for this home away from home -- the Marathon costs upwards of $1 million depending on the extra touches. And when you're ready for a pit stop, only the best parking spot will do. Check out the high-end lots at Outdoor Resorts. They're more country club than trailer park with locations from California to Florida.

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