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From the fastest cars and personal helicopters to a restored World War II bomber, a Batmobile replica and a customized jet worth $60 million, be on the look out for some high-speed entertainment.

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The exterior of the 1943 B25 "Pacific Princess" outside the Aero Trader at Chino Airport in California.

A shot of the cockpit inside the 1943 B25 "Pacific Princess."

For all those action figure fans out there, check out this replica 1960s Batmobile built by Fiberglass Freaks.

The dashboard of a 1960s Batmobile in the Fiberglass Freaks garage in Logansport, IN.

The exterior of the Venom GT manufactured by Hennessey Performance engineering.

An interior view of the Venom GT.

The technologically advanced EC135 Eurocopter sits in its hanger in Canada.

The Eurocopter EC135 sits in the hanger with its back hatches open to show off its interior.

The 550 Spyder sits on display inside Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

The extra-long Bombardier Global 6000 business jet is seen on the runway in Toronto.

A look at the comfortable seating and laid-back interior of the "stateroom" onboard the Bombardier Global 6000.

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