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From chateau-inspired, countryside estates to million-dollar party homes, we take you behind the scenes of America’s Mega Mansions.

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The pool house at Bradbury Estate is about 5,700 square feet and comes equipped with a kitchen, a massage room, a shooting range and several storage rooms.

This oversized copper tub at The Bradbury Estate in California is mounted on a heating coil so the bathwater doesn't get cold too quickly.

The custom-built, leather-paneled poker room at Bradbury Estate has an air ventilation system designed so that cigar smoke never leaves the room.

Owned by genius inventor Scott Jones, this residence in Indianapolis, known as The Jones Manor, is a 28,000-square-foot tech geek's fantasy, outfitted with state-of-the-art gadgets.

Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA

Perched above the California coast, Hearst Castle is a 70,000-square-foot Spanish-inspired castle built for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. The largest house at Hearst Castle, known as Casa Grande, is composed of 115 rooms, 38 bedrooms, 30 fireplaces, 42 bathrooms and 14 sitting rooms.

The Neptune Pool, Hearst Castle

The Neptune Pool is designed with marble and serpentine tiles and antique elements, including Mediterranean-style sculptures. The pool contains 345,000 gallons of water, which is enough to fill 15 average-sized pools.

Celestial Suite, Hearst Castle

Located at the top of the Hearst Castle tower is the Celestial Suite, which was once described as being “inside a jewel box.” Adorned with gold accents, the 16th- century suite has beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding grounds and California coastline.

Villa Belvedere, San Francisco

Villa Belvedere, located 4 miles from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and wraparound terraces boasting 360-degree views of the San Francisco Bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito and Alcatraz.

Kitchen, Villa Belvedere

The gourmet kitchen includes more than just custom cabinets and a butler's pantry -- the main sink overlooks the villa’s front terrace and the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Master Bathroom, Villa Belvedere

The villa’s master bathroom was designed using Calcutta marble and limestone materials, and has an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Located in Asheville, NC, Biltmore Estate is America’s largest private home. Designed by George Vanderbilt, the 250-room, chateau-inspired estate opened in 1895, and sits on 8,000 acres of land in the Appalachian’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Vanderbilt's Bedroom, Biltmore Estate

Vanderbilt's bedroom, adorned with 22-karat gold leaf on the walls, overlooks the beautiful landscape views of the estate.

Observatory, Biltmore Estate

The 2-story observatory is located at the top of the main entrance tower in the center of the house, and was designed so Vanderbilt and his guests could enjoy views of the estate’s grounds. The lower level of the observatory (pictured above) features a sitting area that provides views of the front of the house.

5 Star Island, Miami

The master suite in the 10,000-square-foot, 2-story main house on Miami’s 5 Star Island can be rented at $12,000 per night.

Backyard Patio, 5 Star Island

The spa pool and air-conditioned cabanas are just two of the many amenities provided on 5 Star Island’s 10,000-foot backyard patio.

Boat Dock, 5 Star Island

Thomas Kramer, entrepreneur and 5 Star Island owner, parks his speed boat at 5 Star Island’s dock.

Old Westbury Gardens, Old Westbury, NY

Located in Old Westbury, NY, Old Westbury Gardens is the former home of Carnegie Steel executive John S. Phipps. The English-inspired mansion sits on more than 200 acres of beautifully landscaped property that consists of gardens, fountains ponds and woodlands.

Stuffed Tiger Souvenir, Old Westbury Gardens

Displayed in the front hall of the mansion, the stuffed tiger was shot by Phipps during his 2.5-month journey through the jungles of India while honeymooning with his wife, Margarita Grace Phipps.

Library, Old Westbury Gardens

The library at Old Westbury Gardens houses collections of books in education, horticulture and the arts.

The Mansion at MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Located on the grounds of the largest hotel in the US, The Mansion at MGM Grand is a 290,000-square-foot, 18th-century, Tuscan-inspired villa with a 125-foot-tall glass domed atrium. If The Mansion is not being occupied by members of the royal family, celebrities or high rollers, rooms can be rented at a cost between $5,000 and $20,000 per night.

Private Courtyard, The Mansion at MGM Grand

Mansion guests will be picked up from the airport in a Rolls-Royce Phantom and will be greeted by a chauffeur upon their arrival through The Mansion’s private courtyard gates.

Private Pool, The Mansion at MGM Grand

Mansion guests can enjoy a private, quiet and relaxing day at The Mansion’s private outdoor pool.

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