Travel Like a President

From date nights in DC to family vacations in Martha’s Vineyard – the POTUS doesn’t travel like the rest of us.

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Air Force One

Little known fact: There's more than one "Air Force One." In fact, when the president is aboard any Air Force aircraft, it’s called Air Force One. The president's air-transport fleet consists of 5 helicopters and 2 specially-configured Boeing 747-200B aircrafts, each with 3 levels, 4,000 square feet, 85 telephones, 19 televisions and the capability to refuel in midair.


Traffic is expected in NYC, but things really grind to a halt when the president's 35-car motorcade is trying to make its way through Midtown.

Waldorf Astoria

Presidents and their families have been staying at the Waldorf Towers Apartment in NYC since Herbert Hoover's visit in 1931. The $10,000 presidential suite has been furnished by donations from past presidents, and the décor includes Reagan's oval mirror and Kennedy's rocking chair.

Ill Mulino

Greenwich Village's Il Mulino is known for the "best pasta in town." The 17-table restaurant shut down when Presidents Obama and Clinton dined together, ordering the branzino (European sea bass) and the famous daily special of homemade pasta with fresh shrimp, respectively.


A stone's throw from the White House, the Obamas enjoyed one of their famous date nights at Equinox, reportedly celebrating the First Lady's birthday at a corner table over truffled mac and cheese.

Presidential Dessert

Renowned chef Todd Gray prepares George H. W. Bush's favorite strawberry rhubarb cobbler in the Equino kitchen.

Five Guys

Minutes away from the White House, President Obama gets a rock-star reception when he stops in for a large order of burgers and fries.

The Grove Park Inn

Chefs in the Grove Park Inn kitchen prepared a family-style breakfast for the Obamas' private couples weekend. The Asheville, NC, inn -- which has hosted 10 presidents since 1913 -- is known for its world-famous spa carved into the Blue Ridge Mountains with temperature-controled waterfalls.

Grove Park Inn Golf Club

Breanne Hall, the head professional at the Grove Park Inn Golf Club, was more than happy to give President Obama a quick lesson on the 16th green during his 3-day stay at the world-class resort.

Corner Kitchen

The Obamas caused quite a scene when they arrived with friends at Asheville's Corner Kitchen for some North Carolina mahi mahi, lobster tacos, corn and crab chowder and fried oysters.

Pat's King of Steaks

Both Presidents Obama and Clinton made stops at Pat's King of Steaks in South Philadelphia during their campaigns. Unfortunately, presidential nominee John Kerry made a gaffe when he ordered his with Swiss cheese instead of cheese whiz.

Crawford, Texas

President Bush's favorite escape was to his ranch in Crawford, TX, where he hosted US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and his wife Rebecca in August 2007.

Martha's Vineyard

The tiny island off the coast of Massachusetts has been a popular presidential vacation destination for many reasons. Chief among them? It's easier to secure a place you can only get to by ferry or plane. While the presidents usually opt for private estates, secret service has been known to take over 60 rooms at the Wesley.

The Bite

President Clinton would enjoy friend delicacies and savory New England clam chowder from this family-run shack, a Martha's Vineyard seafood institution for nearly 25 years.


The Obamas stopped at Nancy's restaurant in the resort town of Oak Bluffs while vacationing on Martha's Vineyard. His must-have? Fried shrimp.


The Obamas vacationed in Hawaii, where the president was raised, staying at the $7,000/night Plantation Estate in Kileau Beach. The luxury property boasts a pool, gym, state-of-the-art electronics and a manmade lagoon.

Island Snow

After Obama treated his girls (and himself) to some shaved ice, Island Snow started offering a "Snowbama" made from his favorite flavors: lemon-lime, guava-orange and cherry.

Tropical Farms

When the Obamas visited Tropical Farms for some coffee and macadamia nuts, coconut husker Chief Sielu was warned that his coconut-cutting "pocket knife" was too dangerous to come near the president.

Yellowstone National Park

The Clintons took a break from Martha's Vineyard and headed west to horseback ride and camp under the stars in Wyoming.

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