Best Places to See Another Total Solar Eclipse in the Next Decade

Still reeling from post-eclipse mania? Plan a trip to one of these destinations to catch the phenomenon again in a whole new way.

Total solar eclipse

Total solar eclipse

The total eclipse of the sun on 11th August 1999, viewed from Hungary.

Photo by: iStock/Gannet77


Stretching from sea to shining sea, the Great American Eclipse was truly a magnificent sight to behold and has left the entire country on a post-solar eclipse high. Now that the fun is over, what can you do to catch more of this cosmic phenomenon? Here are some places to travel in the next 10 years to land yourself in the path of totality and experience the fun all over again.

July 2, 2019

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Aerial view of Buenos Aires city and the argentinian Congress

Photo by: iStock/cristianl


This eclipse will span across much of the lower half of South America, specifically Chile, Argentina and small parts of Uruguay. For the best views, consider traveling to Argentina’s beautiful capital city of Buenos Aires which falls right in the path of totality. Experience some of South America’s richest culture and history while marveling at this breathtaking natural phenomenon.

December 14, 2020

Temuco, Chile

Temuco, Chile

Araucaria forest in Conguillio National Park, Chile

Photo by: iStock/AlbertoLoyo


South America will be a hot destination for this Christmas season as another total solar eclipse will fall right across the continent again, except this time, a little further south. The 2020 eclipse will cross Chile, Argentina and a very small portion of southwestern Africa. Take a holiday vacation to beautiful Temuco, Chile just south of Santiago, or venture to Viedma, Argentina for top-notch views.

December 4, 2021



Antarctica Lemaire Channel snowy mountain

Photo by: iStock/Grafissimo


This eclipse will be quite hard to catch, but unbelievable sights await those who can manage to do so. The 2021 path of totality, unfortunately, only falls across some of the northern parts of central Antarctica. However, to a true adventure seeker, this could be a true trip of a lifetime to scratch off a bucket list.

April 20, 2023



Palm Tree and Huts on Tropical Beach

Photo by: iStock/graphixel


The South Pacific region is in for a treat in 2023 when the total solar eclipse will fall over much of the Indian Ocean and the surrounding islands. Some of the prime locations for this eclipse will include parts of Indonesia, specifically the West Papua province, the island nation of Timor-Leste and a small corner of Western Australia, falling directly across the city of Exmouth.

April 8, 2024



Montreal city in the summer. High Quality color corrected image of Montreal downtown on a sunny summer day with blue skies. Tall sky scrapers, divide the photograph between water with a bridge and green top of trees.

Photo by: iStock/lavi37


The total solar eclipse finally returns to America, but this time, parts of Canada and Mexico will get to join in on the solar-powered fun. The Great North American Eclipse will cover the entire Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Montreal, New Brunswick and touch the very outskirts of Toronto. In the U.S., people can experience totality all the way from New York to Texas, hitting top spots like Buffalo, Rochester, Lake Erie, Cleveland, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. The eclipse will also cross central Mexico, making the cities of Durango, Mazatlan and Torreon top contenders for the best view.

August 12, 2026

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Photo by: Luciano Mortula, Getty Images

Luciano Mortula, Getty Images

The 2026 eclipse will fall on some of the most breathtaking locations, including Greenland and Iceland’s wondrous capital city of Reykjavik. In addition to these lush, natural wonders, the eclipse will also fall across some of the Mediterranean, including Spain and parts of some French and Italian islands. The path of totality will completely cover the area between Madrid and Barcelona, just touching the outskirts of each of these culturally rich and beautiful cities.

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