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The most extreme things to do, places to see and food worldwide.
We've found the most extreme things to do, places to see and food to try around the world. Looking for more extreme travel? Check out everything we have in Outdoors & Adventure.
From the world's largest water park to an igloo village made of ice and snow, check out these extreme resorts.
Discover some intriguing ways people have taken the bathroom to an extreme level.
Here are some restaurants that will satisfy your taste for adventure, anonymity and amusement as well as your appetite.
Bungee platforms have gotten higher and the jumps more death-defying and thrilling. For men on an extreme Mancation hunt, we've got 5 jumps that could make you a legend in your own mind.
We're taking to the open road and showing you some extreme roadside attractions.
Surfer in the Barrel

Surfer in the Barrel

Surfer riding wave in California

Take a look at Travel Channel's list of the extreme outdoor adventures to keep active travelers preoccupied in the Caribbean.


Photo by: Andy Sacks

Andy Sacks

Explore some of the world's most unique towns.


'man kiteboarding, on water'

Photo by: Noel Hendrickson

Noel Hendrickson

Those who seek more thrilling escapades on their Hawaiian getaway need look no further: this is Extreme Hawaii.
Extreme Alaska

Extreme Alaska

Alaska features some of the world's wildest adventures.
Fasten your seat belt for the country's most extreme fast food.

Photo by: Troy Kelly

Troy Kelly

Join the Travel Channel's adrenaline-pumping journey on the world's wettest, fastest and highest thrill rides.
Visit the tallest, fastest and craziest thrill rides on the planet.
Crack a cold one; we're taking you to the world's most extreme bars.
We'll find grown men riding tricycles in their underwear and bodacious burlesque dancers battling it out in Travel Channel's collection of extreme competitions.
A skydive Mancation requires a man to get a little crazy, face the gods and feel that electric ripple up your spine that means you're alive.


'Reef Shark'

Photo by: ThinkStock


Wealthy adventure seekers will travel the globe, and even defy gravity, sparing no cost to experience the ultimate thrill.

Photo by: ORDA


If you've got a bit of cash and a lot of nerve, put your money where your mouth is on these extreme adrenaline rushes.
For those with a sense of adventure, loose moral scruples and an uncanny ability to hold their alcohol, we're taking you to the world's most extreme wild parties.
These are the world's most extreme pools.

Bare Pool at the Mirage
Two large pools provide plenty of room for fun, along with Asian-influenced appetizers, ice-fresh mojito pitchers and celebrity sightings.

Photo by: The Mirage

The Mirage

Check out some of the most extreme pools in Las Vegas, including Rehab at the Hard Rock, Bare at The Mirage and more.
Get ready to turn tradition upside-down with these eccentric rituals.


Photo by: Ryan McVay

Ryan McVay

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Leave them at home and experience some serious thrills for the 18 and over crowd.
On your marks, get set, go! Check out the world's wackiest and most extreme races.


Photo by: Thinkstock


On a tour of Miami's most extreme experiences, you'll see this town as it's never been seen before.
Take a walk on the wild side with the world's biggest reptiles, birds and predatory fish. Here are some of the planet's most extreme animal encounters; they'll turn your vacation into a test of will.
We uncovered new ways Sin City turns mundane events, like having a glass of wine or sharing a dessert, into extreme mind-blowing experiences.
Browns Backers, Cleveland Browns Stadium

Browns Backers, Cleveland Browns Stadium

A few of the 'Browns Backers' set up their tent in the parking lot of Cleveland Browns Stadium in Ohio.

Photo by: Kevin C. Cox

Kevin C. Cox

If you think the competition in a regular NFL season is crazy, wait until you see the craziness that happens before the games begins. Check out some of the most extreme tailgating parties in the US.
Cosmic Muffin

Cosmic Muffin

David Drimmer sits atop his airplane-style houseboat, the Cosmic Muffin.

Take a permanent vacation on the water. From multimillion-dollar floating mansions to a personal island getaway, check out the most extreme houseboats around.
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