Extreme Tours

Take a terrifying trek through Tornado Alley, squeeze through claustrophobic crawls in Kentucky caves and feast on exotic dishes in NYC that taste like everything but chicken.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Tour guide Jeremy cheers on guests as they make it through the Wild Caves Tour at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Extreme Seal Experience

Students climb into the helicopter at the Extreme Seal Experience.

New York's Freaky Food Tour

Food tour patrons listen to Candy Chan, guide of New York's Freaky Food Tour.

Scissor Kick Practice

Practicing scissor-kicks while training on the beach in Virginia at Extreme Seal Experience.

Storm Chasing Tour

One of the weather devices used for the Storm Chasing Tour in the Midwest.

The TMZ Tour

The TMZ Tour Bus gets ready to depart for their exciting tour!

Getting Ready

Students get ready to head out into the water at Extreme Seal Experience.

Red Light District Tour

"The Studio" is the S&M Dungeon featured on the Red Light District Tour in Chicago.

Extreme Seals Experience Fire Ball

Students pose for the Extreme Seals Experience Fire Ball picture.

Peanut Butter Alley

Crawling through Peanut Butter Alley on the Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Combat Training

Suited up and preparing for combat training at Extreme Seal Experience.

Dried Crab

Samantha's facial expression after trying a popular Asian snack, dried crab.

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