Mud People Pictures

Get an inside look at the off-road subculture of "mudding." Thousands of people travel to America’s mud parks every weekend to compete in obstacle courses and drag races with their juiced-up trucks.

James Bowlin poses with his truck, “The Beast,” before the Swamp Run at Louisiana Mudfest.

Greg Taylor and his blue S-10 truck are the first victims of the Park vs. Park Swamp Run at the Lousiana Mudfest.

A close-up shot of the first-ever Swamp Run Trophy, shortly after it was run over by Michael Ballew.

Michael Ballew's “The Green Machine” in all its glory after getting stuck during the Side by Side Relay Race.

James Bowlin drives his truck, “The Beast,” during his leg of Louisiana Mudfest’s Run N’ Gunnin’ Relay Race.

Participants Magen, Pepitone and Will show off their trophy after winning the first-ever Louisiana Mudfest Run N’ Gunnin’ Relay Race.

All the competing trucks for the Louisiana Mudfest Hill and Hole event line up.

Michael Parker and bodyguard Sam hold a gator after removing it from the Louisiana Mudfest swimming hole in Colfax, LA.

"Chicks Dig It" crosses the finish line at Louisiana Mudfest. The town of Colfax, LA, has some of the best mud around -- its fine texture makes it more of a challenge for the drivers.

Completely covered in mud, Justin Pepitone grins after hearing the results of the Barrel Race at Louisiana Mudfest.

A patron at Brick’s Off-Road Park in Poplar Bluff, MO, poses in front of his muddy truck.

This truck didn't quite have what it takes to make it out of the muddy water.

The drag racing strip at Brick's Off-Road Park where mud people test their skill.

Britany Gideaux from Singer, LA, poses with her truck, the “Swamp Princess,” and her trophy for winning the obstacle course at Louisiana MudFest.

This car won’t be winning a mud racing trophy any time soon.

A Brick’s Off-Road Park patron takes a break from off-roading.

Samantha, a Brick’s employee, talks to a mud racer on the sidelines of the drag racing track.

Thousands of people travel to America’s mud parks every weekend to go muddin’.

Maghen Hall shows off her truck, the "Pink Mint."

Brick’s Off-Road Park brings thousands of people to small city of Poplar Bluff, MO, every weekend.

With 68-inch tractor-trailer tires, James Bowlin’s truck, "The Beast," certainly lives up to its name.

A man prepares to climb “Motor Hill” in his rock crawler at Brick’s.

Maghen Hall and James Bowlin line up their trucks to settle a bet by drag racing at Brick’s Off-Road Park.

Justin Pepitone attempts the Brick’s Off-Road Park obstacle course in his jeep named “Chicks Dig It.”

These girls prove that muddin’ isn’t just a man’s sport.

A father and son attempt to fix a flat tire after a failed attempt at the Motor Hill climb.

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