Ultimate Travel: The Last Resort

We searched the globe and found some of the most unusual vacation spots. From trains to planes, to spots in the sky and places way underground, these last resorts will have you do a double take.

What happens when a love for pop superstar Prince meets the Dutch countryside? You get a vintage train hotel, Controversy Tram.

Sleeping in a streetcar comes with the usual hotel suite amenities, such as a kitchen with a table, a sitting area and a comfortable bed. Only difference: Everything here is 'traffic' themed.

The Hollywood Castle, a palace in the Hollywood Hills, was started 1974 and finished in 1982.

This chair is one of 8 in Hollywood Castle; the chairs are all from the 1939 movie, Gone With The Wind.

Welcome to the Oops Hotel, so called because it looks like it's sunk down into the water -- oops!

Oops Hotel took 6 months and $130,000 to build with the help of 10 construction workers. Here, an interior shot of a bedroom.

Just across from Oops on Sweden's Lake Malaren is another underwater refuge: Utter Inn.

With the help of a team of submarine experts -- and at a cost of more than $200,000 -- the Utter Inn took more than a year to build. Here, a view of an underground room with fireplace and beds.

There's no need to be a criminal to spend a night behind bars at the Jail Hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The prison was built in 1862, then closed down in 1998. It was turned into a hotel with a full jail experience -- except you get comfy beds like these.

Dunton Hot Springs in Dolores, CO, is a 19th-century ghost town where can rent a cabin or the entire town.

Dunton Hot Springs' cabins range from $550 per night to $1,800. Rent the entire town from $16,500 a night to $22,500 (in peak season).

In 1898, Butch Cassidy robbed a bank in Telluride, CO, rode across the mountains, hid out in Dunton, and carved his name on this bar top in town.

The resort at Costa Verde (in Costa Rica) includes 2 large airplanes that have been turned into a hotel bar and luxury suite.

The resort at Costa Verde showcases this teak-paneled bedroom.

When you want to grab a bite to eat, stop by Costa Verde's restaurant, El Avion.

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