10 Views People Wake Up to Around the World

People scattered across the globe were asked to share the views from their windows, and the responses might surprise you. Below are 10 of our favorites; visit The View From Here for the full photo series.

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Ragaciems, Latvia

"I live in a very small village next to the sea. There are only a few people left here. The streets are empty; it's very calm and quiet. My view is very lush. It’s as if the plants want to make up for the lost time in winter and autumn. It's quite windy, and the only sound I can hear is the trees swaying in the wind. I can smell the freshly cut grass from the lot next to me. My neighbor takes good care of it, as he wants to sell it; the land prices have been rising in the last few years. I feel very calm here — that is why I love it so much." — Janis

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"I’m on the 26th floor of a 50-story building — not too high and not too low, just right. I’m low enough that I can still see and hear everything going on in the street, and high enough that there is always a breeze on my balcony and there are no mosquitoes.

From here, I can look over the whole city. My window faces east, and every morning, I feel like I'm looking at the best scenery ever, and it's never going to be any better than this. But then the night comes, and the view just pulls you in with a million colors and its New York-like soul. Sometimes I feel like I have a huge virtual reality screen and the scenery is changing just for me." — Uros

Cochabamba, Bolivia

"When I was a little girl, this view was of trees and grass, but now I see house after house after house, and far away, the buildings merge into each other. Far away on the left, I can see Concordia's Christ, the biggest monument in my country. I can hear cars passing by, the wind, and the little birds making noise on the roof. I smell the city, a mixture of pollution and soil.

At sunset, the colors of the landscape look more beautiful than morning, and the wind picks up. This view makes me feel peaceful, and I am happy to live here. I appreciate the landscape still, even with all the new houses and buildings." — Veronica

Easter Island, Chile

"From my window, I can see Ahu Tahai, the island’s sunset spot, in the distance. This place makes me feel so calm. I can hear the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks and smell the sea breeze. I feel very lucky to be here, in the middle of the ocean. I love the peace and how calm this island makes me feel. However, there’s also a sad feeling: I ask myself, 'Why is time passing so quickly?'" — Juan

Salé, Morocco

"Heavy traffic ceaselessly flows up and down this street — vehicles and motorcycles of all shapes, sizes and colors. The noise of these vehicles is the first and last thing I hear every day. In the mornings, I see the housewives washing clothes through the windows opposite me, and I hear the sound of dealers opening up their shops and cleaning vigorously. The activity of the dealers and housewives makes me feel optimistic for the new day, even though the vehicle noise makes me wake up early and feel sad.” — Hachim

Bucharest, Romania

"During spring and summer, the green of the trees breaks up the uniform pattern of the concrete apartment blocks. From 6 to 8 a.m., time slows down. There's little traffic, and the cool morning breeze goes perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee. This view represents my childhood, home and love — my girlfriend lives right across the street.” — Cristian


"My view makes me feel connected to a bustling, lively city, even though I live in the suburbs. I love that I can see the modern buildings that make up Bangkok, as well as the cranes that are busily erecting the future iconic buildings of the city. At night, the lights twinkle, and it’s beautiful." — Gavin

Ringgold, Virginia

"I love where I live. It is fairly quiet, as I live out in the countryside; however, I can see some cars here and there. I can see the neighbors play with their kids, dogs running around and birds flying, and I sure hear a lot of lawn mowers. I also see the mail arriving and the school bus picking up and dropping off kids.

Afternoons are the best because of the view. The sunsets are amazing, especially on a nice summer night. Winter can be just as amazing, with the view of the snow-covered trees, grass and road, with the beautiful sunset in the back." — Kacper 

Kharkiv, Ukraine

"This view reminds me that people never completely conquer nature, as the houses sink in the green of the trees and plants. Out of my window, I can see most of the suburban part of the city. Even though I only live on the fourth floor, I overlook the other houses, as they are only 1 or 2 stories high. On the horizon, there’s the TV tower, which is the tallest construction in the city." — Roman

Reus, Spain

"Because the buildings neighboring me are lower, from my window, I have one of the best views of the city. If I turn my head to the left, I can see the Mediterranean Sea. It is far away, but from this vantage point, I can see it. If I turn my head to the right, I can see a mountain ridge, which reaches more than 1,000 meters. A great view! What I love most are the sunsets. Every day, I can admire a great sunset, but on windy days (and this is a very windy place), the sunsets are unbelievable." — German 

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