From a canine weight loss camp to a dog surfing contest, devoted animal lovers go to extremes on these pet getaways.
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This pooch is all for peace at Woofstock Festival.

Sugar being lifted in harness out of the tub, with Patty, at Morris Weight Loss Camp.

Tina Chiu holds a small dog dressed up in a pink and black outfit at Woofstock Festival.

This pooch is all for peace at Woofstock Festival.

Richard sitting with Louie on the beach, next to the surfboard, after surfing at the Loews Coranado Resort.

Tiffany and Whitney, the animal handlers, with a dog, and the cheetah in the lobby of the Affinia Hotel.

Matching outfits for this pair at the Woofstock Festival.

Owners and dogs, roasting marshmallows over a bonfire on the beach in Carmel, CA.

These pooches are pretty in pink at Woofstock Festival.

Louie hangs 20 (paws, that is) at the Loews Coranado Resort.

It's all gone to the dogs at Woofstock Festival.

A bulldog skateboards down the street at Woofstock Festival.

A man and his best friends enjoy the view overlooking the ocean in Carmel, CA.

An animal handler feeds one of the penguins in a room at the Affinia Hotel.

A woman paints the nails of a dog pink at The Club, in Beverly Hills, CA.

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